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  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge

Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge

  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge
  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge
  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge
  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge
  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge
  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge
  • Behind the Reflection 2: Witch's Revenge

A witch's quest for revenge spells trouble for a young mother and her son in this haunting hidden object adventure! Guide the mother as she pursues the witch through time and space to save her son from a fate worse than death!

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A witch's quest for revenge spells trouble for a young mother and her son in this haunting hidden object adventure! Guide the mother as she pursues the witch through time and space to save her son from a fate worse than death. Interact with a variety of characters, find useful objects, and then use the items to solve cunning puzzles. The variety of quests you must take on will keep you pressing forward to the game's shocking conclusion: Collect battle armor for a talking skeleton, assemble a special key belonging to an exorcist and save a witch from burning at the stake, all in an effort to stay on the trail of your nemesis! Beautiful artwork brings each scene to life, while the use of pictures instead of word lists simplifies the process of looking for hidden objects, even as the creators of the game employ clever new ways of hiding things in plain sight. Can you rise above every challenge and triumph over evil?
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60 reviews by players

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I can't find the last piece of the inquisitor's clothes.
20:09, Wednesday, 15.10.2014 | Leave comment
robert homicz  
I cant seems to open the bee hive I can't find sweet spot can you help
04:16, Friday, 22.08.2014 | Leave comment
did you ever figure out how to open the bee hive?? i am stuck.....W
05:02, Wednesday, 22.10.2014 | Leave comment
Whats up with the telescope puzzle cannot pass it and cannot skip it. Can you help.
10:32, Monday, 11.08.2014 | Leave comment
I've tried four times to construct the chainsaw and every time I go to the angel after retrieving all the missing parts the game locks up. I can't go anywhere or do anything except watch the rain come down. Got any suggestions or glitch fixes?.
23:41, Saturday, 26.10.2013 | Leave comment
I can't find the last peice of the chainsaw. Anyone with advice please
02:57, Thursday, 29.08.2013 | Leave comment
I have found everything except stepladder,,, it was n the find objects but didn;t appear for the open chest items.... got all but stepladder
04:02, Saturday, 01.06.2013 | Leave comment
what do i do with the cross? i cant figure out where to put it.
03:42, Thursday, 16.05.2013 | Leave comment
did u figure out what to do with the cross?
21:04, Monday, 03.06.2013 | Leave comment
linda lj  
Hi all, found this site that will help you all out abit. Good luck with thw game, Linda
23:42, Sunday, 13.01.2013 | Leave comment
telescope in the reflection 2 witch's revenge So many glitches in this game; I finally bought it on Amazon. Great game, but .... CD really helped but I'm stuck on where to put completed telescope. Can anyone help? Shar
07:25, Friday, 07.12.2012 | Leave comment
i got the inquisitors clothes dont know what to do with them help
01:55, Wednesday, 13.06.2012 | Leave comment
The exorcists cross goes where? I have it and can't place it. Help.
03:45, Sunday, 13.05.2012 | Leave comment
give it to the guard in town
06:50, Thursday, 06.06.2013 | Leave comment
lee shaub  
good game got thru it w/o a problem bring more
19:59, Friday, 04.05.2012 | Leave comment
can't find doll's body in behind the reflection 2
03:01, Sunday, 29.04.2012 | Leave comment
Anyone know what to do with the Exorcist's cross???
14:12, Wednesday, 04.04.2012 | Leave comment
After getting clothes, go in door to right of guard
00:38, Monday, 26.03.2012 | Leave comment
I had the same problem with the inquisitor's garments. Click on the door to the building where the witch is being held and you'll go inside.
23:38, Sunday, 25.03.2012 | Leave comment
Spolier alert: Once you find the inquisitors clothes, enter the door to the right of the guard. You cannot see the clothes, because you are wearing them.
21:59, Sunday, 25.03.2012 | Leave comment
I had the same problem. I collected all the inquisitors clothes, but the hint just directs me to an empty slot. I really like this game & would love to be able to finish it! Help please, I tried exiting the game completely and also restarting my computer & starting a brand new game under a different name.
15:06, Sunday, 25.03.2012 | Leave comment
i've got 4 parts of the voodoo doll. what do i do now?
06:55, Sunday, 25.03.2012 | Leave comment
I've collected the garments for the inquisitor, but the"help" keeps directing me back to an empty items box. What gives??
05:57, Friday, 23.03.2012 | Leave comment
Where is the voodoo doll's body in the "Behind the Reflection 2" game?
23:13, Wednesday, 21.03.2012 | Leave comment
thanks for every thing about this game .
17:08, Sunday, 18.03.2012 | Leave comment
Thank you so much kids I'm so happy and good luck for me you and the players
01:33, Sunday, 18.03.2012 | Leave comment
this game is very cool and beautiful I like it so much and thank you
01:29, Sunday, 18.03.2012 | Leave comment
i'm stuck at the motorcycle scene..can someone tell me how 2 drain the oil from the motocycle??
09:07, Friday, 16.03.2012 | Leave comment
im stuck how to drain the oil from the motorcycle
14:35, Tuesday, 01.04.2014 | Leave comment
what do you do with the voodoo doll once you have all the parts?
21:57, Thursday, 08.03.2012 | Leave comment
this is a good, but hard game. i really need a walk thru., considered buying but got stuck at (1) one level .
09:00, Saturday, 03.03.2012 | Leave comment
حكمت محمد  
Thanks cool game
21:45, Wednesday, 29.02.2012 | Leave comment
Hello, It appears that you got through this game with very little problems. The glitches make this great game harder than it has to be. I have just gotten 4 out of 5 piecesof the witch's mirror and now, it's taking me in "sparkle" circles from room to room. Any tips you can give?? Thanks, Sharon
08:35, Sunday, 09.12.2012 | Leave comment
19:25, Tuesday, 28.02.2012 | Leave comment
I cant free the prisoner for some reason i found all objects which were taken but it doesnt open.. so i cant get last piece for the cross.. what do i do? i have been trying to figure this out for the past 2 days..
19:02, Tuesday, 28.02.2012 | Leave comment
super games
16:00, Tuesday, 28.02.2012 | Leave comment
Anyone know what to do with the Exorcist's cross???
14:35, Tuesday, 28.02.2012 | Leave comment
im stuck with stick
01:37, Tuesday, 28.02.2012 | Leave comment
Thanks cool game
01:35, Tuesday, 28.02.2012 | Leave comment
i love games
23:56, Monday, 27.02.2012 | Leave comment
Will there be a walkthrough for this game? Thanks
23:51, Monday, 27.02.2012 | Leave comment
Same here stuck at telescope puzzle
20:28, Monday, 27.02.2012 | Leave comment
can't use the 4 elements of nature ~ The sparkles indicate the kitchen, the hint indicates the elements ~ but won't give me a place to put them. I'd purchase the game if I could figure this out
18:01, Monday, 27.02.2012 | Leave comment
B U Vinay  
I dont find a stick to strike Behive. Game stuckup at this
14:09, Monday, 27.02.2012 | Leave comment
Mario Silva  
I cant past in telescope/constellation puzzle even if i skip and the constellation is formed nothing happens,any glue?
06:06, Monday, 27.02.2012 | Leave comment
Pat.. hit the hive with the stick.. but don't be tempted to click the hive with the cursor.. you actually have to move it down so the end bit of the stick is hitting the hive.. not the cursor.
03:48, Monday, 27.02.2012 | Leave comment
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