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Cradle of Egypt

  • Cradle of Egypt
  • Cradle of Egypt
  • Cradle of Egypt
  • Cradle of Egypt
  • Cradle of Egypt
  • Cradle of Egypt
  • Cradle of Egypt
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The land of the pharaohs provides the stunning backdrop for the fourth installment in the popular Cradle series of match-three games. Journey through five ancient epochs while completing 100 levels and build the Egypt of your imagination between matching sessions! Starting with a small village, develop your settlement into the cradle of all civilizations. Make matches of three or more similar tiles to collect resources and construct magnificent buildings such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx and the Temple of Karnak. Cradle of Egypt features beautiful hand-drawn graphics, challenging mini-games, over 25 trophies and three modes of play.
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good game
20:38, Friday, 21.09.2012 | Leave comment
good game
17:33, Sunday, 02.09.2012 | Leave comment
We are happy to play this game
21:43, Saturday, 25.08.2012 | Leave comment
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