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Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood

  • Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
  • Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
  • Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
  • Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
  • Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
  • Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
  • Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood
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For centuries, parents have captivated their children with enchanting tales of faraway, magical lands. In one famous story, a wolf uses cunning and deception to try to eat the innocent Red Riding Hood. In the end, he did not live happily ever after... Now the wolf has returned and Red Riding Hood is once again in danger - but this is no fairytale! Instead, a modern day maniac has kidnapped a woman's fiancé and cast her in the role of Red Riding Hood in his twisted fantasy. Guide the resourceful young lady as she tracks the wolf through a cemetery, a shabby motel and a dilapidated casino, searching for clues and solving the puzzles that lie between her and her beloved. Will she reach the madman in time, or will the wolf have his revenge? Their fate is in your hands!
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6 reviews by players

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Very good game, awesome, just finished this game on Expert setting, very enjoyable game.
19:25, Friday, 16.05.2014 | Leave comment
awesome!! Kaycee u r completly ryt,, maria lucia podes pagar no cartao sim
14:16, Wednesday, 28.08.2013 | Leave comment
Im just wondering if they will make a series out of this with all the characters that you saw instead of just red riding hood
04:38, Saturday, 05.01.2013 | Leave comment
Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood is one gem of a game and I was hooked from the beginning scene. "A maniac has kidnapped a woman's fiance and cast her as Red Riding Hood in his twisted fairytale fantasy." As a PC game, 'Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood' has everything I want in a Hidden Object adventure. Beautiful, vivid graphics and backgrounds, a good music score that does not intrude, and life-like and sometimes startling animation will capture your interest and imagination. The cut-scenes are smoothly handled, voiceovers well done, gameplay and settings options are optimal, and the Hint system is very helpful. As a mystery, Cruel Games: Red Riding Hood, again completely fills the bill. The plot is intriguing, the story-line is believable and arresting. I found myself anxious to help the main character and worried about her fiance's fearful fate! And then, the piece de resistance! The diabolical plot twist and exciting climax! Whew! And all this in a Standard Edition game! I have seen too many highly rated 'Collectors Edition' games that can leave you feeling unsatisfied and wishing you had saved your $19.99. In conclusion, I will simply say this. Download the free trial today, and you decide...
16:10, Saturday, 15.12.2012 | Leave comment
maria lucia pereira  
quero comprar quero saber se pago no cartâo
22:48, Saturday, 17.11.2012 | Leave comment
Отличный сайт и качество отменное!!))
11:25, Sunday, 11.11.2012 | Leave comment
Game is sort of short. Although there are a lot of scenes, there are only really 3 unique locations, each with a bunch of scenes. Trick: hit hint when you're in the elevator to quickly get to another floor when it's warranted.
06:54, Saturday, 03.11.2012 | Leave comment
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