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Dragon Keeper 2

  • Dragon Keeper 2
  • Dragon Keeper 2
  • Dragon Keeper 2
  • Dragon Keeper 2
  • Dragon Keeper 2
  • Dragon Keeper 2
  • Dragon Keeper 2
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Breed, feed and care for the cutest dragons you have seen in this fast-paced time management game! When an evil witch changes a handsome prince into a goldfish and transports him to her lair, his beautiful bride sets out to rescue him. Her first stop is a nearby cave, where she enlists the help of a mother dragon. In exchange for a magic compass that will point the way to the prince, the dragon asks the princess to care for her young. Use your time and resources well as you feed her babies, fight off greedy bandits, collect gems and forge jewels in dozens of thrilling levels. Visually stunning and strategically challenging, Dragon Keeper 2 will delight you from beginning to end!
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size – 89.08 MB

9 reviews by players

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its very nice and funny
23:27, Thursday, 15.11.2012 | Leave comment
Fun and cute dragons too.
12:43, Tuesday, 24.07.2012 | Leave comment
fransisca laora  
fun game
18:31, Sunday, 22.07.2012 | Leave comment
i hate this game
19:23, Thursday, 05.07.2012 | Leave comment
is crazy games
00:28, Tuesday, 03.07.2012 | Leave comment
este jogo é super maneirooooooooo.
20:38, Sunday, 01.07.2012 | Leave comment
thank you
10:56, Saturday, 30.06.2012 | Leave comment
My kids and I love this game. It's cute and fun.
05:14, Wednesday, 27.06.2012 | Leave comment
i like it
13:43, Tuesday, 26.06.2012 | Leave comment
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