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Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!

  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!
  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!
  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!
  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!
  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!
  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!
  • Farm Frenzy - Pizza Party!
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Pizza lovers unite! It's time to return to the farm to create your favorite food! You'll start out by growing grass, feeding animals and collecting produce, and then you'll turn your goods into the ingredients you need to make different pizzas. From China to Germany and from Italy to New York City -- where pizza is considered one of the main food groups -- your mouth-watering creations will be enjoyed around the world!

As you strive to master the fast-paced point-and-click gameplay, you'll fend off bears, purchase buildings that produce different ingredients and upgrade your vehicles so you can transport more goods. You'll also enjoy some of the zaniest animations ever created for a casual game! Don't miss all the fun in Farm Frenzy: Pizza Party!

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323 reviews by players

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this game is cool
13:34, Tuesday, 18.06.2013 | Leave comment
l like it?
12:34, Thursday, 16.05.2013 | Leave comment
zin mar  
very nice
22:14, Sunday, 31.03.2013 | Leave comment
wow......game i like
19:58, Thursday, 14.03.2013 | Leave comment
i leke this game
04:44, Thursday, 21.02.2013 | Leave comment
15:49, Monday, 18.02.2013 | Leave comment
Super game
19:24, Friday, 15.02.2013 | Leave comment
Wai Wai  
welcome new games
13:39, Wednesday, 13.02.2013 | Leave comment
thanks for giving us theses gamas. all of my family members addicted to these games. from the boy of 5 to grand father of 60
12:46, Sunday, 03.02.2013 | Leave comment
Super game
17:11, Saturday, 26.01.2013 | Leave comment
good games
01:54, Saturday, 12.01.2013 | Leave comment
all of these game is really good.
19:49, Sunday, 18.11.2012 | Leave comment
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