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Governor of Poker

  • Governor of Poker
  • Governor of Poker
  • Governor of Poker
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Governor of Poker, a poker game like you’ve never seen before. Do you have what it takes to play against the Pro players of the old western? Dare to join a tournament or a cash game and perhaps bet ALL IN. Does it satisfy you to totally clean the table of players and win all their cash and even their property. Do you have what it takes to become the Governor of Poker and take over all of Texas.

Play as a male or female character in this totally original poker game. Battle your way in poker tournaments and win it all. Cash, fame , properties, transport assets and perhaps a title. Earn rewards for exceptional skills and achievements. In governor of poker you can really make it, and when you make it make it BIG! From tournaments to cash games. This game features a simple property management system, a possibility to buy transport upgrades. When you make some name, you might even get newsflashes in the local papers of major events. Youda Governor of Poker brings you a trusted save game option, over hundred of different opponents all with a very sophisticated AI. Opponents really show different playstyles and act differently and realistic time and time again. This a all packed in a beautiful rendered environment with stunning 3D graphics.

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size – 36.69 MB

49 reviews by players

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05:11, Thursday, 26.06.2014 | Leave comment
I like it
02:35, Monday, 31.03.2014 | Leave comment
andi yusri  
I like it
06:52, Monday, 03.02.2014 | Leave comment
I just download games
10:10, Thursday, 08.08.2013 | Leave comment
this games is good
21:34, Tuesday, 18.06.2013 | Leave comment
i love governor of poker
06:35, Tuesday, 18.06.2013 | Leave comment
i like this game
06:06, Thursday, 13.06.2013 | Leave comment
khin mg tun  
very"""""""''""""""nice game. I like the game bast
12:39, Friday, 30.11.2012 | Leave comment
like it
15:36, Sunday, 25.11.2012 | Leave comment
Great game
10:46, Saturday, 22.09.2012 | Leave comment
this game is so interesting
02:01, Tuesday, 31.01.2012 | Leave comment
The thing with the horse, or the game ('Next Day') stops, I can not look at me, everything works just fine. Perhaps it would be better if the game would have something like this with me, because I play too much.
11:55, Friday, 06.01.2012 | Leave comment
Great game for short interludes of 15 to 20 minutes. I love the cartoony fun graphics. Just plain easy to play but hard to win!I am addicted to this game!
14:03, Saturday, 12.11.2011 | Leave comment
Oh, I love this game. The graphics are great and wonderful and I like the tips (they help a lot) and the players. Music fits the theme.
11:02, Saturday, 08.10.2011 | Leave comment
I have never played poker before so here it goes… i love this game its so much fun and it taught me how to play poker!
10:54, Saturday, 20.08.2011 | Leave comment
cool game. i like this is
19:48, Monday, 08.08.2011 | Leave comment
19:47, Monday, 08.08.2011 | Leave comment
i love this game. it didn't take me long to buy all the properties and a horse to travel to the next town. but, after that, you need a wagon which in order to do, you need to purchase the game. i couldn't resist, and bought the download.
17:34, Wednesday, 06.07.2011 | Leave comment
I love it but why cant the whole thing be on here...i was just getting into it.
14:57, Friday, 13.05.2011 | Leave comment
ready to game
17:57, Friday, 22.04.2011 | Leave comment
this game is so interesting hard i swear you can not win this game i bet all my chip's on that (haha)
15:25, Tuesday, 19.04.2011 | Leave comment
cool game
11:53, Friday, 08.04.2011 | Leave comment
cool game. i like this is
11:51, Friday, 08.04.2011 | Leave comment
Governor of Poker - entertaining game! the best game ever in my life!!!!!!!!!!!
00:00, Monday, 28.02.2011 | Leave comment
good game, but i played the second one first, so not as good
00:00, Monday, 07.02.2011 | Leave comment
Governor of Poker is a very creative and challenging card game. Since beeing a poker lover I enjoyed a lot…..and still continued to be.
00:00, Thursday, 13.01.2011 | Leave comment
Definitely must play Governor of Poker game if you are a poker fan :)
00:00, Thursday, 25.11.2010 | Leave comment
it is cool
00:00, Thursday, 11.11.2010 | Leave comment
The game is fun and addictive, nice graphics, easy to learn ever move.
00:00, Thursday, 23.09.2010 | Leave comment
00:00, Wednesday, 15.09.2010 | Leave comment
Cool game! Am enjoying it.
00:00, Tuesday, 14.09.2010 | Leave comment
I have bought this game and really like it.
00:00, Monday, 16.08.2010 | Leave comment
Gary Tan  
A Very Good Game for Mindset.
00:00, Monday, 09.08.2010 | Leave comment
Felix Kurniawan  
Excellent game
00:00, Saturday, 07.08.2010 | Leave comment
mohamed reda  
i like alawar gems
00:00, Wednesday, 30.06.2010 | Leave comment
nice game
00:00, Friday, 21.05.2010 | Leave comment
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