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  • Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle

Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle

  • Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Infinite Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw playing has never been so cool! The game will bring you lots of fun and pleasure completing hundreds of stunning jigsaw puzzles. Test your eye for tons of picture sets and a varying number of pieces for you to select.

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Jigsaw playing has never been so cool! The game will bring you lots of fun and pleasure completing hundreds of stunning jigsaw puzzles. Test your eye for tons of picture sets and a varying number of pieces for you to select. You can choose any level of difficulty, from a quick and simple puzzle of 24 pieces, to a challenging 1040 piece cut. Besides that, you can enter your own digital pictures of friends and family as puzzles!
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59 reviews by players

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kerner timea  
nagyon nagyon szép képek .
19:45, Thursday, 29.08.2013 | Leave comment
I really didn't like this one. It was hard to figure out where to go to load your own images (which is the important feature for me) and the pieces were all too small, even at lower # of pieces for me to see them well at all and no obvious way to adjust them. There are better puzzle programs out there. It is a shame cause this one has all the features I usually look for, but I just couldn't work with the tiny peices.
05:23, Wednesday, 08.05.2013 | Leave comment
nike store outlet  
good post, i have been looking for it
19:29, Tuesday, 07.05.2013 | Leave comment
louis vitton outlet online  
good post, i have been looking for it
00:29, Thursday, 02.05.2013 | Leave comment
This is one of my favoritye jigsaw puzzles, originally got it via the game giveawayoftheday site some years ago. What i like about this particular jigsaw puzzle is that you can add as many of your own iimages as you like, making it a virtual infinite jigsaw puzzle. (Plus of cpurse neing able to change the shape of the pieces as well as change the number of pieces in the puzzle. This particular puzzle is great for both young children and experienced jig saw lovers.
02:48, Tuesday, 12.02.2013 | Leave comment
I haven't played yet. . .I have been playing on Jigsaw World. . .they are great. . .thought that I would try another site. . .
21:23, Thursday, 05.07.2012 | Leave comment
raymond auten  
i really like working the jigsaw puzzllees
05:27, Wednesday, 16.05.2012 | Leave comment
it's ssssssssssssooooooooooooooooooooo cool!
18:34, Saturday, 28.01.2012 | Leave comment
Please how about a new jigsaw puzzle like this It is the very best but I've completed the puzzles several times. thanks
09:03, Wednesday, 11.01.2012 | Leave comment
Yes I agree Is there anymore jigsaw puzzles around
10:48, Tuesday, 01.01.2013 | Leave comment
i like it
20:42, Sunday, 20.11.2011 | Leave comment
I love thsis games very much
01:03, Friday, 02.09.2011 | Leave comment
il est tro cool je l'aime bien profiteson
18:33, Sunday, 29.05.2011 | Leave comment
Its a COOL game! I vote for it always...FOREVER! \GOOD LUCK/
08:38, Wednesday, 25.05.2011 | Leave comment
17:42, Tuesday, 24.05.2011 | Leave comment
I haven't yet played but the comments sound interesting. I hope the game to be funful. Remember Cathy Shaw!!
17:38, Tuesday, 24.05.2011 | Leave comment
I wish i had more time to play this fun game!! Luv from Cathy
17:36, Tuesday, 24.05.2011 | Leave comment
I hope it to be good. I m just going to play.
16:33, Tuesday, 24.05.2011 | Leave comment
i like this game v.v.v. much
14:08, Wednesday, 11.05.2011 | Leave comment
good i like very much
00:00, Saturday, 19.02.2011 | Leave comment
greenstar lay  
this game is very nice.......
00:00, Saturday, 19.02.2011 | Leave comment
koke koke  
I love thsis games very much
00:00, Tuesday, 08.02.2011 | Leave comment
khan Shahbaz  
oh ! How sweet game I play with very enjoy full
00:00, Thursday, 27.01.2011 | Leave comment
oh!i love this game
00:00, Monday, 25.10.2010 | Leave comment
Hi ! its game very good .(K)
00:00, Wednesday, 06.10.2010 | Leave comment
I would like to try this game because all people likes.
00:00, Monday, 20.09.2010 | Leave comment
this game is very very good
00:00, Tuesday, 10.08.2010 | Leave comment
nawe cho  
I love this game X
00:00, Monday, 09.08.2010 | Leave comment
like this games!!!!!
00:00, Saturday, 31.07.2010 | Leave comment
00:00, Tuesday, 27.07.2010 | Leave comment
pricess_baby cat  
hjhj I very very like this game. i fell happy playing it
00:00, Tuesday, 27.07.2010 | Leave comment
elang jk  
00:00, Thursday, 24.06.2010 | Leave comment
I enjoy seek and find games & also word & logic
00:00, Sunday, 06.06.2010 | Leave comment
hi... I`m so happy i will play this games
00:00, Saturday, 10.04.2010 | Leave comment
00:00, Tuesday, 16.03.2010 | Leave comment
I’ve been looking for this puzzle for ages. I originally got a free copy via the giveaway project, but lost it to a format. It's one of the better Jigsaw puzzles available out there. I say that because you can sel ect from several different jigsaw types, add your own images and create a puzzle with as many jigsaw pieces as you like between around 12 to well over a thousand . This makes for a lot of customizability. with the amazing images that you can freely download fr om the many wallpaper sites, this puzzle should last a lifetime. I'm certainly going to purchase it now that I’ve found it again. The game was originally developed for Fly Games but they have stopped selling this particular puzzle and instead sell several dumbed down versions that have none of the facilities i mention above and they cost the same price. what I'd love to see is a meld of Infinite jigsaw with one called Real Jigsaw. The real Jigsaw allows you to browse your images as though you were walking through an art gallery. You can see whether you've started the puzzle or finished it as well.
00:00, Monday, 11.01.2010 | Leave comment
This infinite Jigsaw puzzle game,has Heavenly beautiful pictures in it.And what is so lovely,is that it has so many pictures,and more lovely scenes,to choose from.The only thing I would like to see,here,is that they have a record list,where it keeps the score of how many minutes it took to do what picture,and that you could keep a nice long record,like they have in Jigsaw World.That would be nice,than it would make it perfect.If they could do that record list added in there,I would love the game more.
00:00, Sunday, 13.12.2009 | Leave comment
00:00, Wednesday, 09.09.2009 | Leave comment
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