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Little Red Riding Hood, Thumbelina and Snow White are just some of the fairytales each generation passes down to the next. In candlelit bedrooms, sleepy-eyed children around the world learn how good always triumphs over evil and the pure in heart can never be held captive for long. Now these cherished fables have found a new home in Magic Tale, a color-matching game with as much charm as the stories it tells.

Your task is to match colored objects in such a way you bring together a treasure chest and a golden key. When all of the chests are unlocked, you've won the level. You can also collect stars with which you can purchase upgrades for nine bonuses, including Time Freeze, Chaos and Hammer. These special items must be used strategically to bring together all of the chests and keys on a level before time runs out. Beautiful visuals, enchanting music and seven fairytale worlds to unlock round out the features of this magical offering.

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