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Weird Park: Scary Tales

  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
  • Weird Park: Scary Tales
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Louis the Clown and Mr. Dudley are back in an all-new adventure that will take you through the dark corners of history's most famous fairytales to rescue children trapped in a frightening netherworld! Louis is up to his old tricks as he casts each child in the role of a legendary fairytale character and then creates the visually stunning but twisted worlds in which their stories will play out.

Using your powers of observation to find hidden objects and intellect to solve well-crafted puzzles, you will make your way through the stories of Cinderella, Peter Pan, Aladdin and more, releasing the children only to see Mr. Dudley appear and then spirit them away to the clown's tower. While you'll face many other challenges, each step will take you closer to your climactic showdown with Louis, so there will be no turning back. With its spellbinding story, extraordinary atmosphere and stunning cinematics, Weird Park: Scary Tales is an instant hidden object classic!

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17 reviews by players

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by far the best games to play on tablet. keeps you going i love all of alawar games
18:51, Monday, 28.04.2014 | Leave comment
I can't access the trunk behind the two headed dog. I put the belos in the hole on the organ, pressed the keys on the organ and then click the handle so it will play but nothing. If I try to get to the chest (to get the tinderbox) the dog won't let me. I've read walk throughs and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Help!
08:24, Friday, 17.01.2014 | Leave comment
09:13, Thursday, 16.01.2014 | Leave comment
Can anybody help me with the switchbox? I have looked at on several walkthrough guides and still can't get it. Maybe a 74 year old should not play a young mans/womans game.
20:54, Saturday, 14.09.2013 | Leave comment
Love this game,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BUT,,,,,, requested Strategy guide via Like on Facebook and have yet to see..... Does anybody read these comments???????? Any help would be great!!!! Would like to see more hidden objects within the game..
17:44, Wednesday, 06.02.2013 | Leave comment
does anybody know how to get past the door knocker puzzle.
22:05, Monday, 04.02.2013 | Leave comment
I don't know what to expect for the game, but I'm sure it gonna be a keeper..
10:46, Sunday, 20.01.2013 | Leave comment
loooooooooooooooove it
11:53, Thursday, 27.12.2012 | Leave comment
amazing game ,, thanks alot
11:52, Thursday, 27.12.2012 | Leave comment
This is one of the best HOGs I have played, but can you fix the inventory box please?? Very annoying!
16:05, Saturday, 15.12.2012 | Leave comment
toni moore  
liked it
19:29, Thursday, 13.12.2012 | Leave comment
I can't light the burner in the lab of weird park. Something to do with the chest behind the two-head dog? But I can't find the round stone for the chest. can somebody help?
13:06, Sunday, 02.12.2012 | Leave comment
eu adoro esce jogo
01:15, Wednesday, 28.11.2012 | Leave comment
Excellent game! Cute and crisp graphics, thrilling storyline, long enough and all of this for a fair gameprice! One tip: when mister teddybear hints you something, don't think too fast he's wrong!
18:43, Tuesday, 13.11.2012 | Leave comment
First time playing on the Alawar game site; hope it's as good as I've been told!!! My favorite types of games are Hidden Object, Time Management, and Arkanoid......
10:16, Tuesday, 13.11.2012 | Leave comment
can some body give me an answer on how to light the burner in the lab of weird park?
11:21, Saturday, 10.11.2012 | Leave comment
The burner must be lit by the tinderbox. That;s hidden in a chest somewhere else. Hope this helps!
18:45, Tuesday, 13.11.2012 | Leave comment
could you please give me a solver for weird park please ?
11:19, Saturday, 10.11.2012 | Leave comment
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