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Found 4 games

The Chronicles of Emerland: Solitaire

The Chronicles of Emerland: Solitaire

You have been thrust into the journey of all journeys...tasked to save the world from an evil sorcerer! You have been studying card magic at a wizard school, and must use your powerful skills to defeat the forces of darkness and defend Emerland from the evil that seeks to destroy it! Unite the races of Elves, Humans, Dwarves, and Mermaids and defend the land in The Chronicles of Emerland: Solitaire!

162 824 installs, 0 reviews
The Trouble With Robots

The Trouble With Robots

An evil alien race of robots have taken over the land, and enslaved mankind! You and your loyal friends are the only ones that can lead us all out of oppression and the tyrannical grip of the evil Voldetron! Use your magical wizard powers to thwart the robot menace, using a whimsical deck of cards to call in reinforcements and powerful magic spells! Fight with all of your might in The Trouble with Robots!

171 371 install, 1 review
Kingdom's Heyday

Kingdom's Heyday

The King is caught up in wars and couldn’t care less about the welfare of his Kingdom. The Princess takes over and worries about the citizens, but she needs the help of such a famous builder and treasurer, as you are!

Crumbling shacks, dirty streets, lack of food; neighboring kingdoms of dwarves and elves are asking for help too. The young Princess could not cope with all these matters alone. Help her and write your name in the history of the magic Kingdom!

166 329 installs, 0 reviews
300 Dwarves

300 Dwarves

The Kingdom of Men has been ravaged by the green horde. As the Kings forces are slain, he is forced to send a messenger to the dwarven lands to recruit the amazing dwarven mercenaries of lore. When the messenger returns he is not alone…300 of the mightiest dwarves are with him! This amazing tower defense game puts you in the boots of the dwarven commander. Strike back against the green horde and rid them from the land of men once and for all in 300 Dwarves!

102 313 installs, 0 reviews
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