Step into the eerie world of Exiler, an atmospheric horror quest with interactive comic elements. As Adam Wayne, an exorcist and private detective, you’re entrusted with the daunting task of performing occult rituals and casting demons out of possessed people. You are the Exiler.
Face demons and occult rituals in Exiler, a gripping horror quest adventure. Perform banishing rites by combining skills and improvised means, uncover eerie secrets, and save innocent souls in a race against time. Be the exorcist or die possessed.
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Banish Evil Spirits From Innocent Souls

You serve God, and your job is to cast demons out of possessed people. Set traps, use the wide array of exorcist tools, combine them, and create unique cleansing rites for different types of evil spirits. Complete as many rituals as possible to increase the chances of salvation. Each of them is crucial as you strive to save not only souls but also lives.

Uncover Secrets Hidden in the Shadows

Go through a journey from an apathetic detective, pursuing his own benefit, to a person capable of selfless help and compassion. Complete exorcism rites, save damaged human souls from the corrupting influence of evil, and advance through the plot, shedding light on the darkest corners of Adam Wayne's story.

Immerse Yourself in an Interactive Comic

Every action and choice you make in Exiler comes to life with vibrant visuals and action-packed interactive comic book action. Your story will unfold like an exciting graphic novel, where you not only observe events, but actively participate in them. The fight to save souls and bring justice becomes even more personal as you discover Adam's past.


Publisher: Alawar

Exiler on Steam

Release date: 2025
Platforms: PC
Game Engine: Unity