Become a martial arts master in this survivor-like roguelite inspired by action movies of the ‘80s. Use your fists, feet, and the environment to fight off relentless thugs. Master powerful combos, enhance your skills, and remember: everything around you is a weapon!
Step into the shoes of a martial arts master in a thrilling survival-like roguelite inspired by action movies of the ‘80s. Use the environment and improvised weapons, master new techniques, and create devastating combos to fight off relentless goons and bandits! Karate Survivor delivers intense, fast-paced combat where improvisation and creativity are key to surviving the streets.
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Improvised Combat

Use whatever you can get your hands on to defeat your enemies. From plastic flamingos to mop handles, even a child's toy hammer can be deadly in the right hands.

Environmental Warfare

Manipulate your surroundings to your advantage. Push objects at enemies, bring down scaffolding, or slam them with a microwave door.

Dynamic Combos

Hundreds of different attacks allow you to create unique combinations of up to six attacks, tailored to your fighting style. Experiment and discover the most effective combos.

Progression and Mastery

Collect experience to unlock and master new permanent techniques and skills between runs, making each playthrough more rewarding.

Diverse Locations and Boss Battles

Battle through various areas, each with its own distinct features and items for combat. Face powerful bosses in each location, testing your skills to the limit.

Fast-Paced Runs

Immerse yourself in rapid, intense street battles. Test your martial arts skills and survival instincts in action-packed showdowns that pay homage to the adrenaline-fueled scenes of action movies, ensuring you're always on the edge of your seat.


Developer: Alawar
Publisher: Alawar

Karate Survivor on Steam

Release date: 2024
Platforms: PC
Game Engine: Unity