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  • Alawar GameBox [Beta]
  • Alawar GameBox [Beta]
  • Alawar GameBox [Beta]
  • Alawar GameBox [Beta]

We're pleased to announce the launch of Alawar GameBox, a new program that'll help you access to our entire collection of games. The client was designed to help you organize our games on your computer, to inform you of our new releases and other news, and to enable you to download updates for our games automatically.

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Dear Gamers!

We're pleased to announce the launch of Alawar GameBox, a new program that'll help you access to our entire collection of games. The client was designed to help you organize our games on your computer, to inform you of our new releases and other news, and to enable you to download updates for our games automatically.

Download Alawar GameBox and enjoy our games!

Currently, you can download the beta version of Alawar GameBox. It's not the final version of the program. We'd like to receive feedback from you, and will consider implementing your suggestions for improving Alawar GameBox and making it even easier to use. So download Alawar GameBox, check it out and then leave your comment on this page. To show our appreciation, we'll be giving the most active users something special!

How does Alawar GameBox work?

Here's how Alawar GameBox works: you install the program on your computer, and then it receives updates from us automatically. Before doing anything, the program will ask your permission. As Alawar GameBox is updated via the Internet, all of our new games are conveniently made available to you, so you won't have to visit our Web site to download our latest releases! Everything you'll need is inside the program, including our new games, special offers, game descriptions, screenshots and more. All of our games will be in one place on your computer, allowing you to easily find your favorite titles.

Can I uninstall it?

If you no longer want Alawar GameBox on your computer, you can delete it via Windows Start > All Programs > Alawar Game Box > Uninstall Alawar Game Box (or using the standard method of deleting programs via Windows Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Program).

What is inside Alawar GameBox?

The Alawar GameBox contains several easy-to-find sections. Take a look at the left side of the Alawar GameBox window:

On the Start Page, you'll find our new titles and top games. The Games portion of Alawar GameBox features subcategories in which our games are divided according their category (including Arcade/Action, Arkanoids/Breakout, Logic/Puzzle and Shooters). Each game page contains a detailed description, screenshots and a Download button. Once you download a game to your computer, the Download button changes to the Play button.

The My Games portion of Alawar GameBox features the titles you've downloaded to your computer. In the Full section of this portion of the program you'll find the registered versions of our games you've purchased. The Demo menu contains all of the free trial versions of our games you've downloaded to your computer but haven't purchased or entered registration keys for yet. The Downloads menu item contains the games which are being downloaded to your computer at that time.

The simple interface of Alawar GameBox allows you to easily access our top downloads as well as the subcategories in which you're interested. Plus, each game comes with a description, several screenshots and an explanation of the game's basic system requirements.

What are the main benefits of using Alawar GameBox?

Alawar GameBox is just 1 MB in size.

In addition, you don't have to restart your computer before Alawar GameBox is activated.

It's up to you to decide whether or not to install Alawar GameBox to your computer. We believe it's helpful, but we don't insist on you using it. Our games are still available on our Web site and can be downloaded and played without Alawar GameBox being installed.

Alawar GameBox is free of any spyware or adware!

Download and play
size – 2.83 MB How to remove game

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Maxim Katsur  
Will you add mode games?
17:37, Saturday, 24.04.2021 | Leave comment
Maxim Katsur  
*more games
08:20, Sunday, 25.04.2021 | Leave comment
I love the Gamebox. It works so well to find more Alawar games.
17:53, Wednesday, 31.07.2013 | Leave comment
Freda Blizzard  
I just found out about the game box, and installed it. I think it's great!! I already have several Alawar games on my computer that I had purchased. It would be nice if the program would look for any Alawar games already on the computer when it is installed, so they would be added to the menu. I added them myself to the other games tab, but it would be nice if it was done automatically. Keep up the good work, and thanks for the game box and the free games!!
13:30, Sunday, 13.01.2013 | Leave comment
i like
18:42, Monday, 14.05.2012 | Leave comment
I love the Game Box! It's so nice to have all your games in one place. Just open and choose your game.
19:27, Friday, 09.03.2012 | Leave comment
I love this game box it is awesome and easy to use. Everything is only a click away! Thanks Alawar:)
02:46, Sunday, 08.01.2012 | Leave comment
WOOOW i think it's so so good . i will try.... thxxx ^_^
13:29, Tuesday, 15.11.2011 | Leave comment
viet chuong  
I want download game now
03:01, Saturday, 29.10.2011 | Leave comment
I likeit's games
16:11, Tuesday, 25.10.2011 | Leave comment
nice this game
23:14, Monday, 26.09.2011 | Leave comment
oh oh yes thes is very gooood
06:30, Tuesday, 02.08.2011 | Leave comment
vere vere good games
18:02, Monday, 01.08.2011 | Leave comment
ziad ahmed amer  
Ilove it because it is always having a free games yes yes yes yes yes yeeeeessss
12:50, Tuesday, 07.06.2011 | Leave comment
I like how you get 1 free alawar game a month in alawar game box,tough i used Alawar game box somewhere around 2010 so i probably missed lots of games...
19:24, Wednesday, 01.06.2011 | Leave comment
speed up  
I want play games on mobile
18:37, Monday, 30.05.2011 | Leave comment
I m gonna try
05:54, Wednesday, 25.05.2011 | Leave comment
it's too good. try it
14:39, Tuesday, 17.05.2011 | Leave comment
nothin' but great thinz only
21:44, Monday, 09.05.2011 | Leave comment
alawar good good good tanky you
18:23, Saturday, 30.04.2011 | Leave comment
Please don't post serial or crack requests here. Don't share your serial code. It's a violation of license terms. If you need
11:21, Friday, 22.04.2011 | Leave comment
they are verry good
19:51, Saturday, 26.03.2011 | Leave comment
they are verry good
18:15, Saturday, 19.03.2011 | Leave comment
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