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Build the Egypt of your imagination!
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Match-three and city-building fun!
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Cradle of Rome is a match-three game that challenges you to build the greatest kingdom the world has ever known. So grab your hammer and start swinging! Riches and glory are at hand.

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Rome wasn't built in a day, so don't expect to go from a lowly peasant to emperor of the greatest kingdom in the world with a single click of the mouse. Instead, you're going to have to pour your blood, sweat and tears into constructing the famous city one building at a time, just like the rulers who inscribed their names into history!

Cradle of Rome is a match-three game with a clever twist: as you swap wood and gold, you acquire the resources you need to build classic Roman structures between levels. Use your materials sensibly, and you'll go from putting up a humble sawmill to erecting Mount Olympus itself. Eight bonuses are on hand to help, including Hammers that can break locked tiles and an Hourglass that gives you more time to complete the current level. You're even awarded extra workers when you perform spectacular feats, such as creating your first match-five. So grab your hammer and start swinging! Riches and glory are at hand.

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10 reviews by players

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Bad Jan  
Me old bird looking for fun
16:52, Saturday, 15.05.2021 | Leave comment
15:27, Sunday, 02.10.2016 | Leave comment
Mary Sander  
It was very interesting game. Every my grandkids like it.
23:04, Thursday, 02.02.2012 | Leave comment
nice game i like it
12:28, Tuesday, 20.09.2011 | Leave comment
عماد الهلالى  
nice nice
05:58, Wednesday, 10.08.2011 | Leave comment
its great
14:59, Thursday, 07.07.2011 | Leave comment
Peter Scott  
The really interesting game play comes after yuo reach Olympus. Looking forward to Cradle of Rome 2.
00:00, Wednesday, 22.12.2010 | Leave comment
Got all the way to the Mount Olympus Status. How do you know when you are almost done with this level. It seems to go on forever. Will I ever be finished?
00:00, Wednesday, 09.01.2008 | Leave comment
Anna Wakeins  
ya nice game but you know it is soooo boring
00:00, Sunday, 11.11.2007 | Leave comment
super sait
00:00, Tuesday, 18.09.2007 | Leave comment
Just another 3 in a row not any differant from any other
00:00, Saturday, 15.09.2007 | Leave comment
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