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Be brave to disclose all the mysterious secrets of the cursed estate, save your fiancé and the whole world.

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The Evil never asks for permission while breaking into a happy and peaceful life of lovebirds. Then, they have to fight for their future. The game “Cursed” tells us how high the price of retrieving the love can be, how dangerous and heavy the way of true love can turn out.

At the beginning, the fiancé of the main lady character receives a letter with an attractive job offer. The engaged pair needs money for wedding very much, so Albert sets off for the hirer’s estate without doubting for a moment. During the long time the fiancée has no news from the beloved Albert and finally she makes up her mind to set out in his search.

The way to the fiancé is blocked by ghosts, dragons, demons, skeletons and other creatures from beyond. Everything in the vicinity will fill you with consternation so that blood turns to ice. But our main lady character is not liable to fear, and she will never jib in the face of danger, if the life of the beloved man is on the chopping block. With every step she learns more and more about the history of this cursed estate and its inhabitants as well as about the threat hanging over Albert and the whole world.

The game “Cursed” fascinates and frightens with its realism and atmospherity, surprises with unexpected plot twists and absorbs the player completely. You will need to use all your true potential to find and utilize correctly ambient objects, open all the masked locks and doors, and solve all the difficult puzzles. Are you ready to submerge into the cursed reality? Then launch the game “Cursed”. If you are not afraid, of course...

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2 reviews by players

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Very difficult to navigate this game so I gave up. It is irritating that you have to hover at the top of the screen to locate the map and hint buttons and sometimes you can't get them if there is a zoom waiting at the top of the screen.
05:16, Tuesday, 21.01.2020 | Leave comment
Alawar good site
14:41, Monday, 01.05.2017 | Leave comment
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