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Dream Farm: Home Town

Called Dream Farm, it's a casual farming sim in which you can play with other human players. Your tasks include growing products, selling them at the market and competing against other players for customers. You will be able to communicate with other players via in-game chat. The most surprising thing about the game world is how it's constantly changing.

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Welcome to the all-new online world of Dream Farm! We know fans of farming sims enjoy growing crops and building up their homesteads, but working the land can be a lonely job. Even Old MacDonald had to get off his farm from time to time to avoid going stir crazy! In Dream Farm, you can not only leave your farm, you can go to town and meet up with thousands of players from around the world! Dream Farm is the first casual farming game to allow you to settle down in a new city, chat with your friends, work with other players to complete tasks and even get elected mayor of your own virtual town! For more information about this innovative experience, read the Dream Farm FAQ

The first 72 hours of game time are FREE! Your trial period begins the moment you're registered on the site. If you want to continue playing after three days, the cost is $6.99 per month.

To continue playing after your free trial period:

Farm one, farm all, let's farm together!

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1 116 reviews by players

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Yes please, I add my voice to the chorus: Update this brilliant little game! It was so much fun..
16:57, Saturday, 16.07.2022 | Leave comment
Kris B  
Please update the game! If there were ever a time to revamp this game and bring it back, it would be now. Why let a perfectly fun game fall by the wayside when there are so many former players who wish to return? I've searched all over and there's nothing else like it out there.
21:08, Saturday, 01.01.2022 | Leave comment
Dream Farm Home Town has turned into Nightmare Farm Home Town. Please rebuild the dream!
07:20, Wednesday, 22.12.2021 | Leave comment
Billie Jean  
Please Alware, update this game! So many people would come back and play! Let's make the town orders alive again!
07:19, Wednesday, 22.12.2021 | Leave comment
this game is so dead, im quite sad tbh
21:11, Friday, 16.04.2021 | Leave comment
Niyə yükləməyə olmur?
17:15, Wednesday, 03.02.2021 | Leave comment
11 yıldır oynuyorum harika bir oyun ama reklamı yok lütfen ilgilenin
22:19, Monday, 26.10.2020 | Leave comment
Furkan Eker  
oyun hakkında konuşmak isterim
19:16, Wednesday, 04.11.2020 | Leave comment
the game is great color picture . good idea release from stress i started at Golden Orhards . I wish you good luck !!!
12:41, Friday, 27.03.2020 | Leave comment
I wish to return to the game too but won't until Alawar update it. No players left equals no fun and yes, impossible trucks to fill
11:10, Saturday, 28.07.2018 | Leave comment
Thats right! I feel also!
17:45, Wednesday, 01.08.2018 | Leave comment
I enjoy this game and i paid over and over for it and play since 7 years. But this is online game and nobody buy and sell anything in the game anymore. Because there isn't any player for this game. Therefore, this game haven't got any fun anymore. Please update the game and come players back.
01:27, Sunday, 03.06.2018 | Leave comment
alina ann  
i wish to play
13:11, Sunday, 30.07.2017 | Leave comment
no estoy seguro por esto
03:14, Monday, 23.01.2017 | Leave comment
i like this game
21:22, Tuesday, 06.12.2016 | Leave comment
Guest M  
Lovin this game
21:23, Friday, 22.07.2016 | Leave comment
I really enjoy this game, and would love for it to be updated with new features as it may draw back in more players. It is not fun to play when only 1 or 2 other players are. Please update the game and bring back players!
06:51, Saturday, 04.06.2016 | Leave comment
Nice game but needs renovation after all years. Impossible trucks to fill. I don't think developers has any intention to get more fun to this game. For that there is only a few player. Nobody wants to pay monthly fee for having difficulties.
00:54, Sunday, 13.03.2016 | Leave comment
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