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Carve a path through an unforgiving wilderness to rescue a hero trapped by a villain! Developed to provide casual gamers with a thrilling and accessible resource management adventure, Pathfinders will provide hours of unforgettable fun!

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Carve a path through an unforgiving wilderness to rescue a hero trapped by a villain! For years, the valiant Altair safeguarded the world from disaster and ensured a peaceful, prosperous existence for mankind. But a madman bent on doing evil figured out a way to confine him. In the wake of Altair's disappearance, disaster struck Earth, with one calamity after another shaking the planet to its core. Now you must lead a band of brave workers on an epic adventure to find the hero, using the cryptic clues on an ancient artifact to guide the way.

To endure the harsh conditions, you will learn to take what you need from the land. Gathering food and water, housing your workers, and mining gold from tunnels will make each new level a breathtaking challenge unlike any you have experienced. As you balance time and resources, you'll also invent clever machines to accomplish special tasks, make friends with a Yeti, and prepare for the impending showdown against your enemy. Developed to provide casual gamers with a thrilling and accessible resource management adventure, Pathfinders will provide hours of unforgettable fun!

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150 reviews by players

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I love this game... it took me a bit to get the hang of it but I finished it.... I started it again but I'm at level 10 and it's asking me to buy an Aerostat but when I try it says "Not available". There isn't a level listed or a $$ amount so I'm not sure what I'm missing.
00:25, Thursday, 18.07.2019 | Leave comment
I am on level 12 and need to set the barbecue - BUT - the storage says the barbecue isn't available until level 13. Help?
01:24, Saturday, 26.03.2016 | Leave comment
I know you posted this ages ago but did you ever find a solution. I've just rediscovered the game and I'm facing the same problem
08:38, Friday, 19.01.2018 | Leave comment
i wait for second finders.this game is wonderfull.
21:48, Friday, 11.09.2015 | Leave comment
cant get past level 28, no matter how much money i have. Where to fix that?
20:10, Friday, 28.08.2015 | Leave comment
How do you make metal bars? I know how to make the gold but I can not figure out metal. Also I was in the middle of the fireworks task but now I can no longer purchase fireworks from the Jeep. Is this a glitch anyone else has run into?
22:34, Monday, 03.08.2015 | Leave comment
10:48, Monday, 20.07.2015 | Leave comment
i don't understand the coper crash with the colors pistols. can somebody explain the order?
16:15, Saturday, 28.02.2015 | Leave comment
they need walkthrough
00:36, Sunday, 23.11.2014 | Leave comment
how do u dig a well?
00:11, Sunday, 23.11.2014 | Leave comment
it ok worked it out now .... don't make it easy shame no hints on this game .
18:45, Tuesday, 26.08.2014 | Leave comment
Cant seem to replenish berries on level 15, done 1st part but no matter how many berries I click on nothing happens . still says replenish food supply with 20 units of berries. been to woods , etc help
18:32, Tuesday, 26.08.2014 | Leave comment
it means - in storehouse - use berries to increase food.
01:36, Saturday, 16.05.2015 | Leave comment
on level 15 , says replenish food collect 30 berries , I collecting but not making no difference. still says replenish food store.
01:46, Tuesday, 26.08.2014 | Leave comment
What is the highest level that you can get? I'm at level 30, but am not getting anymore challenges for which to gain more "experience points" ... Also, when I reached level 30 - the congratulatory pop-up was in what looked like Ukranian or Bulgarian, and it mistakenly said level 25 instead of 30. ???
07:27, Tuesday, 15.07.2014 | Leave comment
Coper crash please help me in this episode.
13:54, Tuesday, 13.05.2014 | Leave comment
Patt O'Neill  
You would sell more games if they come with a walkthrough. Many retired people don't want a "challenge." We just want some relaxed fun, which getting stuck is not. There are a lot of us retirees who love hidden object games but will not buy one without a walkthrough. Think about it. I would buy The Fog but for this one glaring omission. Big Fish does not seem to give a damn, but I thought you at Alawar might care about your bottom line. NO WALKTHROUGH = NO SALE.
23:05, Friday, 09.05.2014 | Leave comment
i don't understand the coper crash with the colors pistols. can somebody explain the order?
08:04, Saturday, 19.04.2014 | Leave comment
How can I sell goods with promo? Tried every product in my storage, but nothing counts for my quest. I've never seen a highlighted product, as described in the quest.
12:09, Wednesday, 12.02.2014 | Leave comment
Kiwi Claire  
should get products occasionally show on right of screen. These items are on sale... usually selling for 3x normal price. Sell some of these items while they are listed.
09:40, Sunday, 17.05.2015 | Leave comment
I'd pay good money for a decent basic help file for this game. HOW does one "refill water" on level 1? NO hints for doing that that I can uncover... thx!
20:46, Tuesday, 11.02.2014 | Leave comment
If you click on the forest on the far left side, it will bring up a menu and you click on the button that says find water/ retrieve water, something like that. Eventually you will build a well and that will replenish your water.
05:32, Saturday, 19.04.2014 | Leave comment
hello, i;m on the second island and i dont have mushrooms anymore so i cant make preserves so i can go further the presents to yeti, does anyone have an idea? thanks in advance
14:59, Sunday, 24.11.2013 | Leave comment
Go into the forest for getting mushrooms.
12:04, Wednesday, 12.02.2014 | Leave comment
I'm on the second island stuck on level 13. I have to make fish soup, so i've gone back to the first island to fish but i can't seem to use the fish when i return to the second island. what do i do?
06:14, Tuesday, 29.10.2013 | Leave comment
Are you sure you caught the RIGHT kind of fish? The only ones you can use to make fish soup are on the TOP line in your storage. If you have the right kind, try exiting the game and restarting.
20:52, Tuesday, 29.10.2013 | Leave comment
I'm on the third island. One of the challenges tells me to go to the first island to mine ore but when I get there I can't mine. I have plenty of water. Can someone lplease help?
06:42, Thursday, 17.10.2013 | Leave comment
There are several people here asking where to uncover the lab on the second island, and no one is answering them. Since you're on the third island you must know where to find it and how to uncover it. Please help!! As for your problem, I can't help because I can't get beyond the lab thing. But I have noticed many people experiencing errors of the type you're having and they just restart the game (or occasionally uninstall and reinstall) and that fixes the problem. Try that. I hope it helps, and I hope you'll help the rest of us find that lab!! Thanks
11:39, Tuesday, 29.10.2013 | Leave comment
It's been a few days since I finished the lab…but I seem to remember that you get a number of goals at once. You have to complete the rest before you can uncover the lab, if that helps.
03:32, Sunday, 22.12.2013 | Leave comment
I'm trying to use the aerostat, but nothing happens - I'm clicking on the arrows in the bottom right hand corner, I've tried my keyboard arrows - how does this work?
14:10, Monday, 14.10.2013 | Leave comment
You have to scroll the screen over so you can see the balloon flying in the air. And then use the directional button to move the balloon in the correct directions. If the green goes up, it's the right move, if it's not then it goes down.
05:41, Wednesday, 16.10.2013 | Leave comment
Problem solved: it was a corrupted file. Uninstalled and re-installed the game and it worked.
11:06, Wednesday, 16.10.2013 | Leave comment
Can somebody tell me how I move the artifact ?? Thank U very much
14:23, Sunday, 13.10.2013 | Leave comment
don't know to fish as well, already used tons of bread but nothing! Anybody to give a hint?
19:22, Friday, 11.10.2013 | Leave comment
To fish you have to have bread. You make that in the kitchen. When you click on it, the button lights up when you have a fish on the hook, the trick is to keep clicking to get the little white thing above the bar over to where the rightmost line is without letting the green and red bar go to the line or past it. Hard to explain, but I clicked really fast and backed off if it got to close. Eventually the little white thing hits the line and you catch the fish.
05:43, Wednesday, 16.10.2013 | Leave comment
thanks april it helped alot. the littel white thing u are talking about is a little fish
13:04, Tuesday, 12.05.2015 | Leave comment
I stayed at Lv15 but couldn't get through it coz I didn't know how to uncover tha lab. Anyone can help....
19:17, Thursday, 10.10.2013 | Leave comment
That's where I'm stuck. I have the pickaxes, but I can't find where the lab is to uncover it. I am not sure where on the screen to look for it. I don't see anything that looks like the picture on the mission tab. Would love if someone could give a hint as to where the lab is located on the second island? Thanks.
05:44, Wednesday, 16.10.2013 | Leave comment
I was also stuck, but I had to uninstall the game, reinstall it and start a new profile. I think what happens is that the camp from island 1 overlaps island 2 and everything gets mixed up.
00:38, Tuesday, 29.10.2013 | Leave comment
The lab is behind where the iceberg was top left of screen
01:11, Friday, 16.01.2015 | Leave comment
how to use the aerostat to look for the artifact
11:03, Saturday, 05.10.2013 | Leave comment
How do I fish???? I have tons of bread but can't seem to hook them....
19:34, Tuesday, 01.10.2013 | Leave comment
i'm on 2nd island level 16 and it says pitch an upgraded tent. the problem is i've already pitched 5 upgraded tents and it doesn't allow more. i don't think there's a way to demolish one of them to rebuild either. there's an even more upgraded tent but i can't pitch that one till i'm level 18. i've used the books in my inventory but there's still a way to go. how can i gain level?
17:35, Saturday, 28.09.2013 | Leave comment
to demolish, click on the tape measure at the bottom left, click on the tent, set it down anywhere by clicking again, then click on the top box. It will ask you if you want to demolish it. Say yes, and there you go!
11:22, Tuesday, 29.10.2013 | Leave comment
to demolish, click on the tape measure on the bottom left, where you can move things around. Click on the tent, then move it anywhere and set it down by clicking once, then click on the TOP box that comes up. (I can't remember what it looks like.) It will ask you if you want to demolish. Click on yes and there you go!
11:25, Tuesday, 29.10.2013 | Leave comment
can i carry the money i made in island 3 to island 4 inside the safe?
01:42, Saturday, 28.09.2013 | Leave comment
how do I find instructions to play this game i'm just going mad trying to play it.
23:19, Thursday, 26.09.2013 | Leave comment
Me too! WHERE are the instructions for the game? I need to earn money in order to complete tasks on the first island, but have no idea how to do that...
06:13, Wednesday, 02.10.2013 | Leave comment
On the first island, the main way to earn money is from your tents. Pitch as many as you can afford, and when you see dollar signs ($) above them, click on them to collect your money.
03:35, Sunday, 22.12.2013 | Leave comment
I've been on the 3rd island forever and can not figure out how to purchase the scientific equipment, it doesnt show in town or the shop. Can anyone help me out here?
19:44, Thursday, 26.09.2013 | Leave comment
I'm stuck on L11 and can not find the lab. As your on the third island, can you please tell some of us where and how the Lab is uncovered
10:29, Monday, 28.10.2013 | Leave comment
I'm stuck on L12 second island and cannot find the Lab to uncover it. Can you please give me a hint.
10:31, Monday, 28.10.2013 | Leave comment
it should be in the jeep inventory
01:13, Friday, 16.01.2015 | Leave comment
i don't understand the coper crash with the colors pistols. can somebody explain it to me? english is not my first language
19:49, Sunday, 22.09.2013 | Leave comment
You just have ti press correct number of time on each of pistols.
13:36, Monday, 23.09.2013 | Leave comment
red-2, yellow-2, blue-4, green-3
23:35, Wednesday, 01.01.2014 | Leave comment
I played for less than 10 minutes and hated it. People move way too slow in this game. This is more like a sims type game rather than a time management which is my favorite genre. Not my cup of tea.
19:37, Sunday, 22.09.2013 | Leave comment
Looks like you just don't get how to obtain food. Without food workers move slow.
13:34, Monday, 23.09.2013 | Leave comment
how do i serve tea?
19:33, Sunday, 22.09.2013 | Leave comment
Go to storage and press "Use" button right of the tea.
13:34, Monday, 23.09.2013 | Leave comment
How do I blow up the TNT? I bought it, but it doesn't show up in my storage, and now I can't buy anymore.
20:51, Saturday, 21.09.2013 | Leave comment
it should be in the storage tent and at the bottom hit use tnt
01:14, Friday, 16.01.2015 | Leave comment
i'm only on level 11 (2nd island) and am supposed to make something using potatoes. where in the world do i get potatoes? would appreciate help.
05:54, Friday, 20.09.2013 | Leave comment
buy it at town, use the car
18:38, Saturday, 21.09.2013 | Leave comment
Stuck at the pier on the third island. 6000+ food, almost a million $. No idea what's up with the pier. I see the place I think it should be, but nothing.
08:12, Monday, 16.09.2013 | Leave comment
finished it 2 weeks ago. it was amazing
15:32, Tuesday, 10.09.2013 | Leave comment
How so I dig a well on the first island?
22:53, Monday, 09.09.2013 | Leave comment
You purchase the well in the store, which is located among the icons at the bottom right. In the screen shot above, you can see the store is a represented by a tent and an ax. Once you have the resources required, simply open the store by clicking the tent/ax icon and and puchasing it, which will assign one of your free workers to assemble it.
12:34, Friday, 20.09.2013 | Leave comment
I'm on Island 4 Level 25 trying to examine gate, already went into mine; also I noted my level and picture of island 4 does not look like your example on website. Any suggestions?
01:21, Monday, 09.09.2013 | Leave comment
The levels are determined by how many of those little yellow books you collect. The more you collect, the higher your level, and the greater your income. You can have advanced through the game structure to different locations while not getting significant increases to your levels. I'm on the 4th location and on level 29 because I finally figured out what increased the level. It's a strangel little game and much of it is not obvious or intuitive.
12:37, Friday, 20.09.2013 | Leave comment
Where are the fish on the second island? Doy le click on the pit and nothing. I have the bread!
08:42, Thursday, 05.09.2013 | Leave comment
You will be asked to perform tasks at some locations that require you to return to the previous location to do it. You have to click the compass icon (3rd from the left) at the bottom left side of the screen in order to go back to the original location and fish.
12:39, Friday, 20.09.2013 | Leave comment
I am on island 2 and it says i need mushrooms but i don't see any and when i go back to island 1 it doesn't allow me to get mushrooms from there. PLEASE HELP
17:56, Saturday, 31.08.2013 | Leave comment
there is a forrest on each island to get items. or wait and some will grow.
17:15, Sunday, 01.09.2013 | Leave comment
Yes, the forest where you gather items is a section of trees behind the car. Click it and send your workers to collect mushrooms.
12:43, Friday, 20.09.2013 | Leave comment
Can you help me? I think too quickly collected what they offered to make tea pine and now do not know how to continue: (
14:25, Friday, 30.08.2013 | Leave comment
yes i have a same problem.please can i make pine needle tea at stage 2?
20:51, Thursday, 12.09.2013 | Leave comment
I, too, had trouble with the pine needle tea. However, once I realized that pine needle tea is simply "Tea", I figured out I could click the kitchen and make it. So all you need to do is go to he kitchen and cook tea. It would be nice if that were clearer.
12:45, Friday, 20.09.2013 | Leave comment
Pine needle tea isn't just regular tea. On the bottom right of the screen should be a little anvil-looking icon that says pine tea when you roll over it. Click on it and a box will come up with various items. Combine the items in the right order and voila, pine tea!
11:30, Tuesday, 29.10.2013 | Leave comment
The first time you need Pine needle tea - yes the anvil shows. The next time - need 2 Pine Needle tea and to get 25 water from forest - this time normal tea = pine needle tea. Just making tea in kitchen twice satisfies '2 pine needle tea' requirement.
01:59, Saturday, 16.05.2015 | Leave comment
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