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  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom
  • Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom

Why stop at having seconds? Dig into a third helping of hidden object fun in Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom! Help Victoria patch things up with her estranged father by launching a chain of exotic restaurants.

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Why stop at having seconds? Dig into a third helping of hidden object fun in Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom!

Help Victoria patch things up with her estranged father by launching a chain of exotic restaurants. Find the ingredients for spicy fajitas at Tres Amigos, or prepare a mouthwatering Greek Salad at Aesop's Tables! From pouring hot java at Bean Me Up to serving ice-cold treats at Beaches and Cream, there's never a dull moment as you work quickly to please your customers and increase your profits! Just be sure to heed the advice of Chef Depardieu, who knows a few things about gourmet cooking.

Between levels, Gourmania 3 will challenge you to build a zoo featuring the five animals on Victoria's family crest. Using expansive decorative options, put your personal stamp on the project, and then tend to the animals to keep visitors coming!

Try the free trial version or download the full version of Gourmania 3: Zoo Zoom today!

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49 reviews by players

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K Sav  
I purchased this game and played; however, when I updated my mac pro, I am getting an error saying "The developer of this app needs to update it to work with this version of macOS. Contact the developer for more information." Can you please update, so I can continue to play. Thank you.
05:09, Sunday, 01.05.2022 | Leave comment
am wondering if there's a secret in moving forward to another place in the game. uncovered 11 restaurants so far; have placed zebra and seal in their respective areas, and have just acquired the wooden bridge across the pool. I sometimes find 2 tip tags, 2 candy tokens and gold coins in the restaurants; however, at times I am not finding all or part of these items (looking through a ultraoptix magnifying glass), which leads me to believe that there is a secret to this causing a lack of points for head chef. ?????
07:46, Wednesday, 27.01.2016 | Leave comment
so good
10:28, Thursday, 06.09.2012 | Leave comment
i like this game
23:49, Tuesday, 29.01.2013 | Leave comment
very bad game &boring game
11:38, Tuesday, 26.06.2012 | Leave comment
mariela teresa  
quiero comprar gourmania 3 zoo zoom y no puedo que debo hacer
18:57, Saturday, 11.02.2012 | Leave comment
good game
17:03, Sunday, 16.10.2011 | Leave comment
i like this game . ilove game very good
14:23, Sunday, 02.10.2011 | Leave comment
i like this game
15:08, Tuesday, 27.09.2011 | Leave comment
we will try
23:02, Friday, 02.09.2011 | Leave comment
tan nguyen  
i love you
18:33, Monday, 29.08.2011 | Leave comment
soo good i like verry much this game
04:44, Monday, 29.08.2011 | Leave comment
nice game
04:29, Sunday, 28.08.2011 | Leave comment
it is superb game and my sister and i love this game very much .It is the best game made by alawar.
11:11, Friday, 26.08.2011 | Leave comment
wonderfull i addict to this game
14:27, Saturday, 13.08.2011 | Leave comment
i love game very much
13:32, Saturday, 13.08.2011 | Leave comment
very good
20:32, Monday, 08.08.2011 | Leave comment
very2 GOOD
16:42, Sunday, 07.08.2011 | Leave comment
it was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome
09:54, Saturday, 06.08.2011 | Leave comment
I Love This Games
18:25, Thursday, 04.08.2011 | Leave comment
peov forget  
this is very good
11:03, Wednesday, 03.08.2011 | Leave comment
nice game
14:43, Monday, 25.07.2011 | Leave comment
this is very good
22:53, Monday, 18.07.2011 | Leave comment
this is very nice
10:53, Sunday, 17.07.2011 | Leave comment
the game is interesting
10:52, Sunday, 17.07.2011 | Leave comment
c'est un trés beau jeu à mon avie
18:09, Friday, 15.07.2011 | Leave comment
this game gourmania is so fun to play . well victoria has to impress her father and complete her family's crest.
15:46, Wednesday, 13.07.2011 | Leave comment
The background story now reached its maximum of sillyness, destroying my will to go further into the game. The zoo minigames are too repetive - I liked the restauration mini-games of Gourmania 2 more. The bonus items like the discound marker are way too powerfull - just memorize these and apply 2 to 3 in a row on some high-priced receipt will give you gold in all missions..
05:32, Sunday, 03.07.2011 | Leave comment
Adoro este jogo tenho seguido desde o primeiro,é fantastico.
14:41, Saturday, 02.07.2011 | Leave comment
this is very good
02:47, Friday, 01.07.2011 | Leave comment
nice and interesting..i enjoy playing...
14:55, Wednesday, 29.06.2011 | Leave comment
good game better than the first 2
00:34, Saturday, 25.06.2011 | Leave comment
The Gourmania games just keep getting better. Hidden object mixed with doing up a zoo - it's great fun!
21:05, Friday, 24.06.2011 | Leave comment
i love this game, it`s awesome
06:17, Thursday, 23.06.2011 | Leave comment
i love game
01:51, Wednesday, 22.06.2011 | Leave comment
i love
09:01, Tuesday, 21.06.2011 | Leave comment
09:01, Tuesday, 21.06.2011 | Leave comment
09:00, Tuesday, 21.06.2011 | Leave comment
i love
08:59, Tuesday, 21.06.2011 | Leave comment
14:20, Monday, 20.06.2011 | Leave comment
i like this better than the 2nd one..
05:28, Saturday, 18.06.2011 | Leave comment
Nice game
21:25, Wednesday, 15.06.2011 | Leave comment
Briliant game! I love all alawar games, but Gourmania is one of the best ;) I really enjoy playing this game and I have to say that: Gourmania series must continue!
20:34, Wednesday, 15.06.2011 | Leave comment
I love so much
19:53, Wednesday, 15.06.2011 | Leave comment
Nice game
18:52, Monday, 13.06.2011 | Leave comment
Thank you .... Nice game .... I like more >>>>
17:48, Monday, 13.06.2011 | Leave comment
Donna Yarboro  
It is a great mind challenging game it gets your mind to thinking and it challenges it as well.
07:20, Monday, 13.06.2011 | Leave comment
14:30, Sunday, 12.06.2011 | Leave comment
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