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They got an invitation... Invitation to spend their honeymoon in the mountain resort "Creek Falls"... If they knew the truth..

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Having just married, a young couple decides to spend their unforgettable honeymoon at a charming mountain resort by the name of "Creek Falls" After meeting two mysterious strangers there; the life of the newlyweds turns sour. Can they survive this hellish ordeal and prove their undying love for each other?
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Stupid game.
12:42, Saturday, 23.10.2021 | Leave comment
To make something scary out of a hidden object game is quite the accomplishment. It is a genre that tends to be nearly devoid of animation, after all. And yet, somehow, developers from Rosen Studio have managed to craft a deeply unsettling, impressively scream-worthy experience with Hidden Fears - a title that delivers more frights than some of the most expensive horror games out there. The game values suspense and paranoia over any other horror cliches, using its engrossing puzzle gameplay to draw players into a world caked in the stench of death and the macabre. Before long, Hidden Fears will have swept you into its environments, leaving you entirely vulnerable to its toybox of scares and spooks. With the success of films like the Saw and TV series like Supernaturals, it seems that spooky stories are at an all time high in terms of popularity. Capitalizing on this trend is Hidden Fears, a new hidden object game from new devs. But instead of being simply yet another HOG, Hidden Fears is actually a very solid and entertaining experience for the brief while it lasts. Pro: Solid puzzles, entertaining ghost challenges, stunning grx, sound effects make the game truly spooky Cons: Sometimes long cutscenes
02:59, Saturday, 27.01.2018 | Leave comment
looks good!
14:51, Wednesday, 24.01.2018 | Leave comment
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