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  • Legacy: Witch Island 2
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  • Legacy: Witch Island 2

Solve multiple interesting tasks and exciting puzzles to figure out the mystery of the witch in the setting of dazzling sceneries of the enigmatic island.

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Your yacht runs into a gale, and you back to the mystery island. Your toy – a crocodile, comes alive and becomes your helper on this journey. You find out that the witch regained her powers. You are going to save the miller and the girl. You are going to find out that to defeat the witch a prince must marry the most beautiful girl in the kingdom. Too bad! The witch took away girl’s beauty. Besides, the prince is asleep. Only a special powder that fairy queen has can wake him up. But the fairy queen lives in the microworld in the aquarium. To go there, you need to become tiny. But if you can’t find the fairy queen, you can never go back! You decide to go there.

The witch visited fairy kingdom before you. The fairy house is flooded, magic fire burns around it, and the fairy queen is locked in a glass bulb that is not easy to open. But nothing can stop you. You are going to save the fairy and her pet Sammy. To do that you will make the river water split and go to the bottom of the river.

After waking the prince up, you decide to help him fulfill his mission and marry a girl. You path lays through the mountains, forests, and a lake. On the way, you are going to liberate the dragon keeper and her children. You are going to put a dragon to sleep and find water of life to save eagle’s babies. When you are going to be very close to saving the girl, the prince changes his mind. Now he wants to marry the dragon keeper. But he had a brother. If you manage to find him, he can marry the girl and lift the curse. However, the witch turned him into a waterfall. You decide to find him.

You will go through the dark part of the island. You will go through the swamp and lift a spell from the swamp wench. You will reach a monastery in the mountains. You will explore the treasury and go through the magic gates. Finally, you will find the waterfall. The most beautiful girl in the kingdom must swim in the waterfall to lift the spell. But she is bewitched! However, your helper suggests that now you are the most beautiful girl on this island. If you swim in the waterfall, it turns into a prince.

After you and prince defeat the witch and find out the mystery of Peter and his sister.

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