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Game inspided by Monsters, Inc. cartoon. The monsters keep coming out from behind the doors. The objective of this game is to combine monsters of the same color in the groups of four to hold the invasion.

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Get ready for massive monsters invasion. Welcome to the Monsters' House!

The monsters keep coming out from behind the doors. They will never stop. The objective of this endless game is to hold the invasion by removing the monsters from the game filed. Combine monsters of the same color in the groups of four and they will come back to the Monsters' House feeing some space for a while and giving you score.

To proceed to the next level you must score a certain number of points. After each level new types of monsters appear and the game gets harder and harder.

Monsters' House is a funny cartoon-style puzzle game inspired by Walt Disney's computer animated film Monsters, Inc. So it's a perfect present for your kids and all the other Disney fans.

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6 reviews by players

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I would love to say I love this game, but I haven't played it in years and have been searching for games I played back when this was released. Just finished installing the demo, and unfortunately will not work on Windows 7. However from what I remember of this game, it is highly addictive and a really fun title for These sorts of games. (That was from memory, it's such a good game from when I was younger I actually remembered the name of it)
01:01, Monday, 24.12.2012 | Leave comment
love it
04:24, Tuesday, 18.10.2011 | Leave comment
Roxanna Jean Stolte  
snowy lunch rush & cake mania are super. we can't get enough of it. iss there a way we can buy it by checks. i don't have credit cards. nor does my family.
00:00, Sunday, 26.03.2006 | Leave comment
Alaska Gray  
how ddo i buy this game. i don't have a credit card. i hAve a cheeecking account. if i send u thee moneey by check can i get snowy lunch rush & cake mania games.
00:00, Sunday, 26.03.2006 | Leave comment
The bonus from level 15 is not running. Who can help me.
00:00, Sunday, 03.08.2003 | Leave comment
You don't have to be a kid to enjoy this. I'm a sixtyone year old Grandma and am addicted.
00:00, Thursday, 27.03.2003 | Leave comment
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