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  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition

Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition

  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition
  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition
  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition
  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition
  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition
  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition
  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition
  • Moai 6: Unexpected Guests. Collector's Edition

Join two heroes on one grand adventure! Guide Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri on the adventure of their lives and enjoy countless hours of fun on the enchanted island of Tapa-Tui!

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Join two heroes on one grand adventure! When fate brings a clipper carrying a curious naturalist and a pioneering geologist to Tapa-Tui, Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri embark on an all-new journey to explore the many wonders of the island paradise and uncover the culprit behind a despicable plan to strip it of its precious resources.

From vibrant jungles bursting with color, to an underwater wonderland teeming with aquatic life, to a cluster of floating islands, you'll traverse many magical lands filled with jaw-dropping miracles. You'll also go toe-to-toe with awesome giants, outwit clever jellyfish and pet cute Manu-Ai to receive mana. Characters that range from the charming Posei-Don to the wicked Moko-Moko lizards will make each encounter a memorable one.

Along the way, you'll race to complete 80 thrilling levels that challenge you to strategically figure out the best use of your resources. Mine stone and ore from the bowels of the Earth, summon crops from fertile soil and trade with merchants, all in an effort to complete missions ranging from keeping an island afloat to repairing a natural cloud maker. Smart use of relics that grant various abilities and production bonuses will ensure your success.

Complete your tasks swiftly and reap dozens of awards or play the game at a leisurely place – it's up to you! Either way, a sense of awe and discovery will pull you through the epic storyline to its exciting conclusion. Guide Hika-Ri and Kao-Ri on the adventure of their lives and enjoy countless hours of fun on the enchanted island of Tapa-Tui!

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71 review by players

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i am also on level 4 and can't figure out how to use my akhui fire
17:24, Saturday, 04.04.2020 | Leave comment
i cant get past level 42 (Fire wind) seems my Ahki sign get stuck when you click on it the 1st time and i am supposed to do so 4 times
02:40, Tuesday, 04.06.2019 | Leave comment
HELLO, HELLO, HELLO. IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? Several of us are one leather short. People here are asking for help. Is there anyone who can provide the locations of the leathers? Thank you.
00:09, Wednesday, 13.02.2019 | Leave comment
David G Menninga  
Go back to Bonus 1. ... The back chest behind the statue will give you 12 leathers.
17:39, Sunday, 04.04.2021 | Leave comment
Which levels have leather in MOAI 6?
22:54, Tuesday, 11.12.2018 | Leave comment
I can not get past bonus level 49. How do I get enough wood to give to the guy to get through the forest?
14:35, Wednesday, 10.10.2018 | Leave comment
How do I get into the bonus levels,,,, or are these only in the collectors edition.. thanks
07:06, Sunday, 07.10.2018 | Leave comment
On the bonus level 7 you need to use 3 Shaman's tambourines, I am getting them all but the 3rd keeps disappearing so I am unable to use it, therefore am unable to complete this level. Does anyone know how to fix this issue? Thanks in advance for any help.
18:36, Saturday, 15.09.2018 | Leave comment
Bonus level 59 The Shadow world seems to have a glitch. There is not enough stone. Has anyone had the same problem?
20:36, Wednesday, 12.09.2018 | Leave comment
You have to demolish the wood shop and build a stone mason
05:29, Tuesday, 30.10.2018 | Leave comment
You have to demolish the sawmill and build a stone mason
05:30, Tuesday, 30.10.2018 | Leave comment
Does somebody know the location of the backpack items? I keep missing 1 leather to get 3 stars on all of my artifacts.
01:24, Tuesday, 11.09.2018 | Leave comment
I'm missing one leather as well.
05:30, Tuesday, 30.10.2018 | Leave comment
What does making an offering do?
20:25, Tuesday, 04.09.2018 | Leave comment
That's what I want to know!
01:37, Saturday, 13.06.2020 | Leave comment
on the level map, what do the different icons for each level stand for. The level marker goes gold when you completed within the time allotted but some have flowers around them and some don't Can someone please explain?
20:56, Monday, 03.09.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
The flowers/not flowers tell you if you are going to be the male twin or the female twin. The male twin has the artifacts to help on a level and the female twin uses spells and runes.
16:48, Thursday, 14.03.2019 | Leave comment
Hi Where are levels 46 onwards? I have finished all bonuses and levels to 45 (all gold) and then there is no more. How do you access the higher ones?
01:29, Monday, 03.09.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
You need to go back to the game's main menu and click on the blue star at the bottom of the screen. It says More Levels - it's right next to the 'Hi Username' ribbon.
11:30, Wednesday, 05.09.2018 | Leave comment
what is Khuru sign? I have no idea - clicked on everything and played the level many times? Please help!
17:24, Saturday, 01.09.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
Which level are you referring to? Khuru sign is available only in some of the levels. It's located under the green triangle at the left of the screen and it's purpose is to slow down animals, jellyfish, birds, and ghosts.
11:33, Wednesday, 05.09.2018 | Leave comment
I can't get past level 4 (have played all the earlier MOAI so I know how the game should work). I have only 1 worker, the other is sick. Need stone for the bridge, but can't fix the stonemason with only 1 worker. Can't upgrade the house (ditto) and need to cross the bridge to get to the last cache. Need 3 workers to destroy the lab to heal the worker. Help?
13:15, Thursday, 30.08.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
To heal the worker you need to use the Raau Sign (green triangle at the left of the screen).
12:51, Friday, 31.08.2018 | Leave comment
can anyone help level 42 I cant get the AKHI sign to work it will only work once thank you
21:49, Monday, 20.08.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
It appears when you click on the green arrow in the mid-left part of the screen.
12:59, Wednesday, 22.08.2018 | Leave comment
you have to have enought mana in order for the magic signs to work (usually 100). It could be less if you're using the appropriate emblem on your bracelet. without sufficient mana, a magic sign won't work.
05:38, Monday, 03.09.2018 | Leave comment
i am having this same problem i have close to 800 mana but cant get the sign to work
02:56, Tuesday, 04.06.2019 | Leave comment
What does the windmill do?
20:29, Sunday, 19.08.2018 | Leave comment
Matts mom  
Can someone please tell me what the windmill does. I've started it several times, but can't for the life of me figure out what it does.
20:16, Sunday, 19.08.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
It speeds up the resource production
12:54, Wednesday, 22.08.2018 | Leave comment
I cannot find the akhi sign on level 6. Help
04:35, Monday, 13.08.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
It appears when you click on the green arrow in the mid-left part of the screen.
12:44, Wednesday, 15.08.2018 | Leave comment
I have played level 35 four times and can't find the Divine Forge. What should I be looking for?
17:57, Saturday, 11.08.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
The Divine Forge is the top right quarter of the screen, surrounded by 4 pink crystals.
12:57, Wednesday, 22.08.2018 | Leave comment
Did you find Rune of Clairvoyance? Where?
00:28, Wednesday, 08.08.2018 | Leave comment
Yes, I found all the runes. Here's what I wrote down: Rune of Health - 4; Rune of Crossing - B2; Rune of Mercy - 10; Rune of Fullness - B4; Rune of Trade - 16; Rune of Inspiration - B6; Rune of Plenty - 22; Rune of Time - B8; Rune of Fertility - 28; Rune of Taming - B10; Rune of Clairvoyance - 34; Rune of Sorcery - B12. If the number is preceded by the letter "B", it is a Bonus level. . These should be correct, as they follow a pattern, i.e. starting with the first level, and including the bonus levels in the count, they occur every 5th level, then every 3rd level, then every 5th level, then every 3rd level, etc. through level B12.
21:50, Friday, 10.08.2018 | Leave comment
Marion in Savannah  
Oh, THANK YOU for telling us were the Rune of Clairvoyance is. It's been driving me CRAZY!
21:24, Monday, 08.10.2018 | Leave comment
Wooden Plaques can be found on main levels only. They are found on levels 4, 7, B-3, 10, 13, 16, B-6, 19, 22, 25, B-9, 28, 31, B-12, 37. But here's the weird thing. There are two wooden plaques on level 13. Initially, you only get credit for one. When I finished the main levels, and was short one plaque, I went back to level 13 (because I made a note there were 2) and when I played it again, it gave me credit for the other one. So I don't know what else to tell you you. I kept a list of what I found on every level, and this is all I have.
06:09, Monday, 06.08.2018 | Leave comment
Hi i have played level 13, 3 times and i am still one plaque short. I have replayed all the other levels you mentioned and made sure i collected the plaques. Can you remember which level the plaque in the top right corner was in please? its driving me crazy lol
02:43, Sunday, 12.08.2018 | Leave comment
If you completed 65 levels, you completed the Bonus Levels. There are 65 total levels in the game.
05:58, Monday, 06.08.2018 | Leave comment
Regarding the Shaman Tambourines: after you get the sandals of speed and the horn of plenty, get the tambourine from the upper left chest. Don't use it yet. The work your way down below the bottom bridge and get the next tambourine. Now you'll have two stacked. Use the top one and keep working through the debris but keep an eye on the tambourine. Right as it's running out, click on it and it will start using the bottom tambourine. While the tambourine is in use, go to the lady above the bottom bridge and get the last tambourine. You will see you now have two again, with one running down. Again, keep an eye on the tambourine, and right as it's running out, click on it to start the 3rd tambourine. This is the only way it will work and by using them in this order. You have to have the sandals and the horn to anchor them in place.
05:50, Monday, 06.08.2018 | Leave comment
17:54, Saturday, 20.11.2021 | Leave comment
I really enjoy these Moai games but the past 2 including this one have seemed not as smooth and a bit clunky. Sometimes a character will sit down and I can't get them to get moving again so 3 people tasks are not possible. Wish these were as good as the first two!
22:22, Saturday, 04.08.2018 | Leave comment
Bonus level 12 won't unlock and I've completed the level it comes off from 3 times getting gold each time, what's up?
20:21, Saturday, 04.08.2018 | Leave comment
Level 18 - I cannot find blueprints - I swear I have opened every chest and dug up every cache. Help please!!
22:55, Friday, 03.08.2018 | Leave comment
I would really like to purchase this game but I am stuck on the trial. I've got a couple of spells in my backpack but can't figure out how to load or use them. So I can't heal my characters.
23:26, Tuesday, 31.07.2018 | Leave comment
Cannot get Bonus 7 to work; have tried to use fixes to get tambourines but cannot get more than two to work - the one at the bottom of the screen still disappears. Why are there always problems with Moai games; it is so frustrating on what should be a great game. Please help.
11:42, Tuesday, 31.07.2018 | Leave comment
Don't use the sandals or horn of plenty. Collect all 3 tambourines then use them one at a time. You can use the sandals and horn after you click on the last tambourine. This worked for me.
20:42, Wednesday, 01.08.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
Have you tried the two tips from user lmorin73 described in earlier posts below? They worked for me in the end - I experienced the same issue.
18:21, Thursday, 02.08.2018 | Leave comment
Anybody ever answer this? I'm having the same problem
04:07, Monday, 06.08.2018 | Leave comment
how do I get the bonus levels - completed level 65 but bonus levels are still not available?
02:56, Thursday, 26.07.2018 | Leave comment
I would like to know the answer to this one. I don't know how to get any of my bonus levels to work
01:33, Wednesday, 22.08.2018 | Leave comment
There is a problem with the potions. If you make several of the potions as you get ingredients, then use one on a level, all of your potions disappear. I've recreated this 3 times, so I know it's not my imagination. I'm using Windows 7 Home Edition on my PC.
23:29, Wednesday, 25.07.2018 | Leave comment
I can't find the last hidden plaque. Is it in the main game or the bonus levels. I am almost finished with the bonus levels of the game and I still can't find it. Please help.
16:35, Saturday, 21.07.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
Anyone knows how to achieve gold in level 57? The last whirl appears ca. 8 sec after the gold time finishes. Any trick to make it appear earlier?
12:52, Saturday, 21.07.2018 | Leave comment
Have you tried Rune of time? It adds 10 seconds to gold time
17:50, Tuesday, 31.07.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
Yes, I did, still no luck. Anyone achieved that or is it me doing something wrong? Tips are welcome.
18:00, Tuesday, 31.07.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
Anyone can help with this? It's the only gold I haven't achieved...
12:45, Wednesday, 15.08.2018
me too
10:02, Friday, 24.08.2018 | Leave comment
I use the rune of taming,and pass the level 57.
06:04, Monday, 27.08.2018 | Leave comment
use the rune that says it makes the whirlwinds, jellyfish appear less frequently.
22:22, Monday, 03.09.2018 | Leave comment
The Guest  
OK, I already know what prevented me from achieving gold on this level. I had quite different runes selected in my backpack. Apart from Rune of Time, you also need Runes of: Crossing, Mercy, Taming.
13:33, Sunday, 09.09.2018 | Leave comment
this was a really great addition to the MOAI series but really short only 40 lvls
23:54, Sunday, 01.07.2018 | Leave comment
there is more than that dont forget bonus levels
06:56, Wednesday, 11.07.2018 | Leave comment
did you forget the more levels ?
04:31, Thursday, 12.07.2018 | Leave comment
I found a fix. You have to collect all 3, keep the sandals and horn until you start the last tamborine and you have to click on it just as it is finishing up from the previous one. If you wait to finish up the gold and market until the end you should still make "wonderful" time instead of gold. This isn't the first item that has disappeared though. Those bugs should really be worked out. The horn of plenty disappeared on an earlier level.
14:51, Sunday, 01.07.2018 | Leave comment
This worked for me. Thank you.
00:23, Wednesday, 01.08.2018 | Leave comment
Bonus 7 Lower Kuaihelani one of the 3 Tamborines disappears as soon as I gather it. Is there a fix for this? I can't finish the level.
13:23, Sunday, 01.07.2018 | Leave comment
If you use the tamborine hidden in the upper left-side chest first, it will use it.Then you can use the other 2 without problems. That tamborine was the one that kept disappearing. The others don't disappear.
19:29, Saturday, 07.07.2018 | Leave comment
I have tried both, using the upper left hand corner tamborine. Holding all three and then using them one at a time... So far no luck here. Hope they fix this glitch
00:31, Saturday, 28.07.2018 | Leave comment
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