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  • Monkey's Tower
  • Monkey's Tower
  • Monkey's Tower

Help monkeys build most stable and durable tower to restore their home jungles!

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Over the centuries there were harmony and piece in virgin jungles of Monkenya. Man has never trod in those places, and all animals lived like a big friendly family: But one day a steel magnate Jack Iron came to that place. He wanted to expand his business and decided to found his next factory exactly on this territory. With the help of an axe and dynamite he deforested huge areas to clear some space for the future plant. And what about monkeys who used to live on trees and field on their yields? Now it's up to you to help poor animals restore their habitat!
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nice one
16:45, Friday, 05.12.2014 | Leave comment
love it
04:11, Saturday, 27.04.2013 | Leave comment
great game
05:35, Friday, 26.04.2013 | Leave comment
great game loveit
08:03, Monday, 22.04.2013 | Leave comment
azhar zahoor   
very good side for me
00:49, Saturday, 28.07.2012 | Leave comment
good nice
12:52, Friday, 13.07.2012 | Leave comment
00:21, Friday, 08.04.2011 | Leave comment
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