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  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition

New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition

  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition
  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition
  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition
  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition
  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition
  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition
  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition
  • New Yankee 11: Battle For The Bride. Collector's Edition

Embark on an adventure with a ragtag crowd of royals and help prevent a greedy knight from marrying Sir Lancaster’s daughter for money, all while facing deadly enemies and dastardly puzzles.

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Set off on an adventure in the name of love!

You’ll need to optimize your decision-making skills as you choose whether to gather resources, construct buildings or remove anything standing in your way, with every decision bringing you closer and closer to your goal.

Travel throughout the diverse and beautiful lands of Camelot as you attempt to prove Sir Culhwch’s love is pure. If you are feeling ready you must set out right away, Sir Culhwch needs your help and time is not on your side!

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Blazy Susan  
Stuck on Level 12- I can lower the lever, but the grate never lowers so I can't go cut down the trees. Is this a known bug and if so, it there a fix yet?
02:18, Thursday, 23.06.2022 | Leave comment
there are two levers.
06:43, Monday, 08.08.2022 | Leave comment
Great game as usual. Only 1 real issue... I have looked EVERYWHERE. I've asked several players and No One has figured out what the Achievement "Save the Penguins" is or how to achieve it. I am gold every level and have replayed all the ice levels. Please give SOME clue. Thanks.
21:37, Friday, 17.06.2022 | Leave comment
I too am not able to obtain save the penguins achievement. how can support help with this issue?
04:00, Thursday, 23.06.2022 | Leave comment
Me, too. I think it might require gold level on the B games (10 of them)?
06:38, Monday, 08.08.2022 | Leave comment
I am stuck on Level 6 in both games. I collect the hourglass, it activates, but it doesn't come off the list so I can't continue on. I've tried different ways and searched for something I might be missing, but to no avail. Am I the only one having this issue?
18:11, Tuesday, 14.06.2022 | Leave comment
Sue Parris  
I am having the same problem. I have tried the game in both windows 10 and even went back to windows 8. Nothing works.
22:51, Monday, 27.06.2022 | Leave comment
Sue Parris  
Forgot to include that I am accessing this game via Gamehouse.
22:53, Monday, 27.06.2022 | Leave comment
I came here to find the solution to the same issue, I've downloaded via Gamehouse.
00:32, Tuesday, 28.06.2022 | Leave comment
Can anyone tell me where the puzzle piece is in Level 9CE (bonus level)
04:10, Wednesday, 08.06.2022 | Leave comment
Lower right bottom in the grass,
03:13, Wednesday, 17.08.2022 | Leave comment
I have the newest version and there is still a problem accessing bonus levels. For me, 3B and 5B are not accessible. I can play every other level, but not those two. CE edition. Updated on May 21.
22:16, Saturday, 21.05.2022 | Leave comment
I had this problem. You must get all the map pieces from the regular levels before the B level. You are not required to get the map pieces to finish the level, so it is easy to miss the chest that has the map.
06:45, Monday, 08.08.2022 | Leave comment
I had to go back and make sure i unlocked the chest with the map pieces.
03:11, Wednesday, 17.08.2022 | Leave comment
Will the Support Team respond once the updated version of the game becomes available?
14:18, Tuesday, 17.05.2022 | Leave comment
Fixed version is available on our site.
08:08, Wednesday, 18.05.2022 | Leave comment
I purchased and downloaded this game from another site, brought up issues with level 6 and the hourglass to their support group. Have yet to hear from them. What to do? I
19:37, Friday, 24.06.2022 | Leave comment
I purchased this game and downloaded from another game site. I am having the same issue with level 6 and the hourglass. I have contacted that site's support and have not received a response. What should I do knowing there is a fixed version here?
19:39, Friday, 24.06.2022 | Leave comment
Where am I supposed to find more acorns on level 9? All of mine were stolen. Help?
10:22, Tuesday, 10.05.2022 | Leave comment
Fight the Knight to get more acorns.
08:17, Wednesday, 18.05.2022 | Leave comment
Fantastic, as all the series. Anyway, there are two things that I hope will be fixed. There is a problem in the bonus levels. In some levels, at the lower part of the screen there is an area that the mouse does not work and it is not possible to get the necessary items to finish the level, so you cannot continue advancing in the game. This is so at level 6 (CE), it is impossible to pick up the helmet for the penguin. Besides that, one of the treasure map levels, level 3 (B), also doesn't work when you try to click it in the Map. Thank you.
15:00, Tuesday, 03.05.2022 | Leave comment
This game has too many bugs. The timer for the ice age spell doesn't show and level 2b won't start. This is within the first 10-11 levels.
06:40, Friday, 22.04.2022 | Leave comment
Yes, timer is broken, we are aware of the problem and working on this. About level 2b - make sure that you have collected all map pieces from chests on previous levels.
14:16, Thursday, 28.04.2022 | Leave comment
Ronda Samulowitz  
Level 2b and 3b you cannot access. I've played the previous levels to it multiple times and there are no map pieces and you can't click on them to play.
03:12, Monday, 16.05.2022 | Leave comment
Same issue here. 2b and 3b note accessible. Has anyone overcome this issue?
12:09, Tuesday, 12.07.2022
The map pieces are hidden in various chests on the previous level; you acquire them one at a time, but must have all of them to open the B level.
06:47, Monday, 08.08.2022
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