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The railroad is on the verge of bankuptcy but there is still time to try to repair it. Get on the road right away, stop at the damaged areas and assign tasks to the works: to collect resources, repair the railroad, build, and much more.

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Next Stop is a game that will send you on a trip down a railroad, which needs to be pulled up from dilapidation and defended against a bank that wants to lay hands on it to offset its debts. By making a lot of stops, you can repair and build up all damaged parts of the railroad, but you need to ensure that you have enough resources. Trade and train passage on your reviving railroad will bring you a substantial income.
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Hi .. will there be a Next Stop 4 ? I love these games.
13:11, Tuesday, 05.10.2021 | Leave comment
Carolyn Harris  
If I have to enter yet another code I won't try to publish my 5 stars. It's a wonderful game and will keep you coming back because there is a challenge. You have three workers and how best to deploy them is the 'name of the game'. There are so many scenes that you won't tire or grow bored. It's a lot of un
06:11, Thursday, 06.02.2020 | Leave comment
Carolyn Harris  
Wonderful game. It has enough changes that I have not yet run out of interest. If you take on that you are the boss of three workers and then learn how best to employ them you can have fun for hours and return again when you have completed the game.
06:09, Thursday, 06.02.2020 | Leave comment
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