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  • Oozi: Earth Adventure
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure
  • Oozi: Earth Adventure

Oozi has a problem... The fuel gauge reads empty, and he is forced to land his spaceship on a strange world called Earth. Filled with tons of 2D platformer action and a beautiful art style, Oozi must make his way through the world collecting his lost gear along the way. Use awesome game mechanics to your advantage such as high jumping off tree limbs, jumping through jungle vines, and squashing enemies beneath your feet in Oozi: Earth Adventure!

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Oozi has just crash landed on Earth after his spaceship ran out of fuel. It would seem that this world is full of things that want to get him! From mean snails, to angry snakes, everything is after Oozi once he steps onto the grassy ground. He lost his gear on the way, and now his mission is to recover it all and leave this wretched planet once and for all! Help Oozi gather his things in this awesome 2D action platformer Oozi: Earth Adventure!

Oozi and all the other characters are beautifully hand drawn and animated to make the game as visually stunning as it is fun to play! Watch in amazement as you move from one area to another, using unique game mechanics to traverse the landscape. High jump off of tree branches, smash through weak dirt, and swing on jungle vines as you collect stars and pieces of his lost clothing! Help him get back to where he belongs in one piece, and preferably fully clothed!

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