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  • Star Defender II
  • Star Defender II
  • Star Defender II

More than 30 types of enemy insect-like crafts with unique weapons and attack strategies are ready to smash your ship. But you are too tough for those insects! Squash them like bugs with your vast military superiority! Bear for action!

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At the beginning of the 23d century we lost our planet… The war didn't last long as the enemies attacked unexpectedly. Humanity wasn't prepared for the battle and was defeated. They came from another Galaxy - thousands of migrant tribes of Biods - they were like Locust, which swept off everything alive on its way. Only few managed to survive in that war…

Our army lost the battle, our houses razed to the ground. And at the moment when everything seemed to be lost, several lucky pilots did the thing, which no one expected them to do. They broke loose from the enemies' encirclement on their small fast pursuit planes and left the solar system. There was the only one way for them to be chosen - to go to the Cynosure and ask its inhabitants for help. Once the Earth did a favor to the people of Cynosure and now it was time for them to repay.

You are a pilot of Tornado - experimental pursuit plane type ZX-756. Your aim is to destroy the aggressors. They numbered thousands and you are alone. And you have to save your planet by any means.

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