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  • Strike Ball 2 Deluxe
  • Strike Ball 2 Deluxe
  • Strike Ball 2 Deluxe

When was the last time you destroyed a fiery volcano or smashed a Sopwith Camel into smithereens? Featuring 200 jaw-dropping 3D levels, awesome powerups and earth-shattering audio, Strike Ball 2 Deluxe offers brick-busting fun at its best! Download your free trial now!

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The brick-busting fun for which Alawar is famous is back in Strike Ball 2 Deluxe. As in the popular Magic Ball 2, you look over each level from a bird's eye view and use your mouse to move your paddle along the bottom of the display. As you hit one or more balls toward your target, you'll encounter explosive blocks, enemy portals and power-up generators, among other challenges.

To excite players who think they've seen it all, the makers of Strike Ball 2 Deluxe have crafted some amazing levels geared toward jaw-dropping fun. You'll get to destroy a fiery volcano, smash a Sopwith Camel into smithereens and take on legendary sea creatures!

You'll love the new pickups in Strike Ball 2 Deluxe as well. From the Super Weapon that shakes the screen as it obliterates bricks to the B-52 Bomber that soars above the level dropping explosive ordnance, the new bonuses are as dazzling to watch as they are helpful. So download your free trial version now!

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40 reviews by players

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quero ter esse jogo p eu jogar online
00:48, Monday, 23.12.2013 | Leave comment
very nice game
16:16, Wednesday, 11.12.2013 | Leave comment
j'aime ce jeu
19:38, Thursday, 17.01.2013 | Leave comment
thank you
18:24, Sunday, 19.08.2012 | Leave comment
Macole Suosahie  
Its nice to play alawar game all the time
20:51, Monday, 09.07.2012 | Leave comment
Macole Suosahie  
woh i luv it its great 2 play d game
20:45, Monday, 09.07.2012 | Leave comment
i like alawar games
23:36, Sunday, 04.03.2012 | Leave comment
wow that is great game for ever :D
23:32, Sunday, 04.03.2012 | Leave comment
kathy smiley  
i do not know what i would do with alawar i enjoy them so much i have to play every day
05:46, Tuesday, 14.02.2012 | Leave comment
Robert w.Parks  
I love that game
23:45, Friday, 10.02.2012 | Leave comment
Gayus Wibowo  
I'm so glad for play new Strike Ball 2, It's Good
02:49, Wednesday, 08.02.2012 | Leave comment
15:44, Monday, 16.01.2012 | Leave comment
oh! I love this game its realy burn my stress
02:44, Monday, 31.10.2011 | Leave comment
Neha bandyopadhyay  
This is the only game I LOVE
12:50, Tuesday, 26.07.2011 | Leave comment
very excellent i think
10:46, Thursday, 16.06.2011 | Leave comment
LOvely game
00:00, Monday, 03.01.2011 | Leave comment
Very nice game
00:00, Saturday, 22.05.2010 | Leave comment
What's happened to the expansion pack for this game? Not that I mind as I've already purchased it. Has it been incorporated into the base game or have you got it stased away elsewhere? btw, thanks for releasing Strike ball 3, it was a pleasant surprise when I saw it earlier this year. And it had some nice improvements.
00:00, Friday, 21.08.2009 | Leave comment
thas is the game that makes me love all Alawar games.thnx
00:00, Monday, 04.05.2009 | Leave comment
very good
00:00, Wednesday, 15.04.2009 | Leave comment
When are we going to see an upgrade of Strikeball like we have seen with, the Magic ball series, Hyperballoid and Actionball. All three have had superb versions released in the last 18 months. Strike ball was amongst my favorite of the 3D brick busters. The game play is just as good as it ever was, but I've played out all the levels from the original, and the second version plus both expansion packs. Now we need more, but with updated graphics. Strike ball has real potential if you were to update it. Of course I'l repeat my usual matra of include a levels editor. I'm glad to see you did with Hyperballoid 2, but disappointed that you didn't with Action ball 2 and Magic Ball 3. :( (thankfully Hyperballoid 2 is the favorite of the hree games) ===Question=== Do you intend releasing Strike Ball 3?????
00:00, Thursday, 12.06.2008 | Leave comment
Ok! Enough is Enough. This is the only game mi wifa loves. Need move levels. Don't you have a level build pack? Give it up.
00:00, Saturday, 16.02.2008 | Leave comment
When are you adding more extra levels?
00:00, Saturday, 12.01.2008 | Leave comment
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