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  • The Emptiness
  • The Emptiness
  • The Emptiness
  • The Emptiness
  • The Emptiness
  • The Emptiness
  • The Emptiness
  • The Emptiness

You find yourself in a house, a house unlike any you've ever seen before. You quickly realize that this is no ordinary house, but rather a mysterious structure built out of your own doubts and fears. And you are trapped.

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You are wandering and looking for a way out, but something terrible stands in your way. You strive for light, but the darkness won't let you go. You need to pass a series of tests, a series of challenges that will test your wits, your will and even your sanity. Open the doors to break out from the dark corners of your soul. Be persistent and courageous and endure to the very end! Can you endure the dark journey into The Emptiness?

Warning! The game is not recommended for people with an unhealthy state of mind, nervous disorders or heart disease. Experience The Emptiness and discover a psychological adventure game unlike anything you've ever seen before!

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3 reviews by players

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Stupid game.
16:48, Wednesday, 03.11.2021 | Leave comment
Fisher's Hut  
at first the game was REALLY boring, yet after the 1 quest it hooked me. mini game are very hard, thanks for skips, will try to solve them later enjoyed
10:31, Friday, 15.05.2015 | Leave comment
As far as the atmosphere, well, that's actually fairly cool. The game has a good number of weird moments and jumpscares that happen very suddenly and have little to no warning. There are some trap instances where you walk into a room and suddenly you are warped into a puzzle, good uses of noise, light, and darkness, and some of the strange moments are just plain creepy Get into it!
11:46, Thursday, 14.05.2015 | Leave comment
Nice Puzzle/Adventure game. Scary andl very enjoyable
11:44, Thursday, 14.05.2015 | Leave comment
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