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Dead bodies are piling up, a bizarre symbol on their foreheads. Guide paranormal investigator Sarah Meiville through this unforgettable cross between a moody '40s detective movie and a modern occult thriller!

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With a single touch, Sarah Meiville can see the final moments of a dead person's life. Though this gift once made her valuable to the police, the cops have shunned her since a tragic turn of events cost innocent people their lives.

Then dead bodies started piling up, a bizarre symbol on their foreheads. Soon, whispers of the Nothingman could be heard on the rain-slicked streets of the city, prompting a tabloid writer to lure Sarah out of retirement to stop a madman.

Guide Sarah through a classic noir adventure as she searches for clues, solves puzzles and learns to use new visions that appear to be helping her. The Gift will transport you through a town steeped in neon glow, challenge you with cunning mini-games and surprise you with cleverly hidden objects. From the music, to the visuals, to the voice work, The Gift is an unforgettable cross between a moody '40s detective movie and a modern occult thriller.

Can you bring the killer to justice and restore Sarah's name? Lives are depending on it!

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12 reviews by players

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Im stuck in the alley outside the herald? How do you make her climb up after the dumpster floats?
12:58, Wednesday, 10.06.2015 | Leave comment
Use the umbrella to pull down the ladder.
16:39, Sunday, 10.09.2017 | Leave comment
Started today at 4:00pm, it's 8:30pm. I am at the hospital and hints seems to be running my in circles, getting nowhere fast. H.O. have been nicely spaced apart. The hints sure aren't much to write home about. If that's what you want to call them. Two ghost doing the two step boogie, no direction of any kind. Sink or swim, I am drowning Gulp, Gulp, Gulp. Love the challenge, but a little more hint would be Awesome! By the way what is the hint voice saying while waiting to recharge?
08:44, Monday, 20.01.2014 | Leave comment
I am stuck in Rikers house at the file cabinet. Hint keeps circling the brain surgery poster but what do I do??
23:05, Sunday, 27.01.2013 | Leave comment
Mary Alice  
I am stuck on the hamster. How do I capture it? How do I open the cage door? I have s=been stuck there 2 weeks.
05:01, Saturday, 19.01.2013 | Leave comment
Mary Alice....I was stuck for a while too. You have to click on the desk area around the drawing of the hamster contraption. You want the actual desktop to come up. There are objects there that will help you move forward. I liked this game OK. Not too much HO.
01:43, Monday, 21.01.2013 | Leave comment
A very good game,alot of fun.
02:49, Monday, 03.12.2012 | Leave comment
22:16, Monday, 26.11.2012 | Leave comment
finished it didn't understand the plot someone please explain in depth !
18:01, Thursday, 15.11.2012 | Leave comment
Not very much. Interesting, but nothing special.
16:11, Thursday, 08.11.2012 | Leave comment
The art and music was nice, but the game was buggy as heck. Puzzle descriptions sucked. There's a sort of lack of quality unexpected from in-house Alawar games (though this looks to be from a different dev).
08:16, Tuesday, 30.10.2012 | Leave comment
Loved it. Great Game,. Loved the story line. A little too many HO scenes for me, but they were easy enough and didn't really annoy me like most do. It really was the story that kept me going. Good Job!! Thank you!
22:04, Saturday, 27.10.2012 | Leave comment
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