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The Treasure Machine is invented! Earning money has never been so challenging and fun! Just pump out all gold coins and diamonds from the earth and take care of your enemies. Sounds easy? So go ahead, become the richest person in the world today!

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Treasure Machine is a dynamic and colorful arcade that combines action and puzzle elements in perfect harmony. The game will take you to different locations around the globe where you are to collect famous treasures. The primary objective is to collect all coins in a level within a set period of time.
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8 reviews by players

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Bun Bun  
I love it I wanna know the soundtrack, please I played this game for 6 years ago
03:35, Saturday, 18.05.2019 | Leave comment
this game is hard fixit
21:43, Friday, 09.11.2018 | Leave comment
I just love this game;It's so addictive!!.
00:00, Friday, 09.04.2010 | Leave comment
I have been layin this great little game for a while, however I could use the the occassional cheat in the hard mode of he game. Cheers Greg
00:00, Tuesday, 11.12.2007 | Leave comment
Finally, after months of playing this addictive game, I have completed all the levels. Thanks for the challenge. Time for some more bonus levels.
00:00, Sunday, 19.12.2004 | Leave comment
i like this game it is alot of fun
00:00, Thursday, 30.09.2004 | Leave comment
Fun and addictive. That is about all of the qualities it rakes for a good game. The levels are very creative and progressively get harder. I felt smug when I conquered all the levels in EASY mode, but had to re think as I went to MEDIUM mode. I hope to try HARD mode someday, hopefully before I am an old woman.
00:00, Saturday, 04.09.2004 | Leave comment
Requin again  
A few more comments--don't be fooled that at first this game seems too easy! In "easy" mode, it takes a while to get challenging, but once you move up to "medium" mode, it gets a LOT harder a LOT faster! There's a "hard" mode too, which I haven't even dared yet!
00:00, Saturday, 21.08.2004 | Leave comment
Very orginal game where your attention is required more and more. It worth the download because I reached the 19th level with the 30 min trial.
00:00, Sunday, 15.08.2004 | Leave comment
This game is like Abandoned Well (which is WONDERFUL), with a lot more going on. I love finding keys, switches to open doors, the cute varied monsters, etc. However--it would be better if subsequent "lands" continued where the last one left one, in difficulty level, rather than each land starting at a very easy level. Even so, I bought this game as soon as I tried it. It's simple and cute, good for kids and adults, and a special treat for Abandoned Well fans. Please make more level sets! That'd be awesome. Thanks!
00:00, Wednesday, 11.08.2004 | Leave comment
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