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Vampire Saga - Pandora's Box

Explore eerie locations and search for hidden objects in this captivating mystery thriller. With a spine-chilling crime at the center of its spellbinding story, Vampire Saga is not intended for the faint of heart!

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With a chilling crime at the center of its spellbinding story, Vampire Saga is not intended for the faint of heart. Join Matthew Ward as he steals aboard a cargo ship to escape the violence of the Spanish-American War, passes out and then wakes up to find himself alone with several sinister-looking coffins. Where did the crew go? Why is Matthew having strange visions? And why does he feel like he's being watched?

You'll answer these and other questions as you explore eerie locations, search for hidden objects and follow a story full of nerve-pricking encounters. Along the way, atmospheric music and sound effects will immerse you in the events unfolding on your computer screen. Without a doubt, this captivating mystery thriller will give you the creeps!

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89 reviews by players

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I find this game extremely slow, the cursor barely moves. Would love to play it more, but I just end up frustrated and quit playing
09:42, Sunday, 15.09.2013 | Leave comment
Yashaswi Jaiswal  
good because of lot of finding games
19:06, Monday, 11.03.2013 | Leave comment
Yashaswi Jaiswal  
one of my favourite games
19:05, Monday, 11.03.2013 | Leave comment
Yashaswi Jaiswal  
fantastic and dangerous game
19:04, Monday, 11.03.2013 | Leave comment
I like the game*
19:09, Wednesday, 28.03.2012 | Leave comment
I like the game!!!:)
19:32, Tuesday, 27.03.2012 | Leave comment
It's ok,alot of finding objects!
07:28, Sunday, 25.03.2012 | Leave comment
I like game!!!:)
20:42, Monday, 19.03.2012 | Leave comment
i am stuck cant find any oil? or how to lift out the anchor
03:08, Tuesday, 24.01.2012 | Leave comment
I am stuck. Where and how to find the last bullet and key?
00:31, Tuesday, 03.01.2012 | Leave comment
i found vampire saga 1 very tedious. having to go to multiple locations a few times to do one task is annoying. (especially with hidden objects that are hard to see - and a slow recharge hint timer too). going out 4 times to get 1 bolt each time when 1 time for 4 bolts makes me want to toss the game out. luckily i got a 4 pack game cd so i have other games to play. i would have considered this wasted money by itself. and all this work for a twist ending that is a real downer. reminds me of playing another game for days only to find everyone is dead including me and then i vanish into thin air (that was a real downer game - what was the purpose of playing if i couldnt succeed ??? - i dont buy from that company anymore !).
11:33, Friday, 09.12.2011 | Leave comment
okanlawon dimeji  
07:49, Thursday, 01.12.2011 | Leave comment
best game
11:52, Monday, 05.09.2011 | Leave comment
Flying Eagle  
One of my friends has the game, and I have played it several times. It's great! I just read that the "New" "Vampire Saga" is out. If this is true, then I would like to purchase both of them. Please list both of them for the 64bit. Thank you!
18:14, Sunday, 07.08.2011 | Leave comment
i wonder how you sihn up 2 play
21:25, Monday, 18.07.2011 | Leave comment
Loved this one. Can't wait for the sequel. Unlike others I have no interest in pirated versions. Looking forward to your site release.
00:00, Saturday, 05.03.2011 | Leave comment
00:00, Friday, 11.02.2011 | Leave comment
indra vikram   
it is really fantastic , i love it
00:00, Sunday, 30.01.2011 | Leave comment
It`s OK!
00:00, Wednesday, 26.01.2011 | Leave comment
sonu sahrawat  
next one please
00:00, Tuesday, 25.01.2011 | Leave comment
sonu sahrawat  
I Like it
00:00, Tuesday, 25.01.2011 | Leave comment
fantastic. I love this game
00:00, Monday, 24.01.2011 | Leave comment
i like this game it is very good
00:00, Tuesday, 18.01.2011 | Leave comment
I see that the new one is out and has been made but I don't want to download it through torrents. So please Alawar could you put up the new Vampire Saga one.
00:00, Thursday, 13.01.2011 | Leave comment
The next Vampire saga is called Vampire Saga 2: Welcome Hell Lock. already downloaded it!
00:00, Thursday, 30.12.2010 | Leave comment
i love this game it was great and very intresting NEXT One PLEASE
00:00, Monday, 27.12.2010 | Leave comment
how do you get past the ship? i cant find anything else that it will let me do on there.
00:00, Tuesday, 21.12.2010 | Leave comment
Baker Bob  
Loved Pandora's Box...waiting on next installment of the series.
00:00, Tuesday, 26.10.2010 | Leave comment
Stuck at getting holy water. Spot on chair is glowing like hidden objects are there, but nothing happens. I want to finish the game
00:00, Saturday, 23.10.2010 | Leave comment
I like this game so much please send some update if vampire saga 2 to will comes out.thanks
00:00, Saturday, 23.10.2010 | Leave comment
j.amrith nath  
i like this game so much
00:00, Friday, 22.10.2010 | Leave comment
very good
00:00, Friday, 15.10.2010 | Leave comment
Inazuma Eleven  
Good game... Awesome!!! Nice one!!! Please post the Vampire Saga 2 when it comes... Thank you so much for this game... I love it!!! Perfect storyline with chilling sound effects... Can't wait to continue for the vampire saga 2... Keep it up Alawar team!!!
00:00, Sunday, 26.09.2010 | Leave comment
very good game
00:00, Saturday, 14.08.2010 | Leave comment
very interested in puzzle games.
00:00, Wednesday, 16.06.2010 | Leave comment
this game is awsome i like it i tell my friends about it me and friends like this game love this game play itg and love it
00:00, Saturday, 12.06.2010 | Leave comment
nice game
00:00, Wednesday, 02.06.2010 | Leave comment
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