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Weird Park: Broken Tune Collector's Edition

A haunted amusement park is the backdrop for a twisted tale of terror! With its gripping story, intense atmosphere and challenging puzzles, Weird Park: Broken Tune is a game no hidden object fan should miss!

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A haunted amusement park is the backdrop for a twisted tale of terror in the Collector's Edition of Weird Park: Broken Tune! Take the role of a private detective hired to investigate a rash of "accidental" deaths that befell those who worked at the park before city officials shut it down. Search for clues as you explore creepy carnival environments, solve puzzles as you pursue a mysterious joker down shadowy paths, and find hidden objects that can help you solve the mystery of a portal that leads to a realm beyond insanity. With each step, you will grow closer to a shocking truth about a bizarre clown that once worked at the park.

The Collector's Edition of Weird Park: Broken Tune includes content not available in other versions of the game, including vivid concept art, a step-by-step guide through the adventure, and a chilling bonus chapter that adds 25 percent more gameplay. With its gripping story, intense atmosphere, and challenging puzzles, Weird Park: Broken Tune is a game no hidden object fan should miss!

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19 reviews by players

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HELP I downloaded this game years ago, but actually just installed it. And I think theres a bug. At the very beginning, after exploring the car, collecting matches, hammer and sticky tape, theres nothing else to do. The questionmark shows me the little window of the box-office. But I can't click on it. Please help me with this, I'm quite annoyed that I already payed for it. Or maybe I'm just stupid (I'd never exclude this). THANKS
01:35, Wednesday, 13.04.2016 | Leave comment
One of the very best that I have played...awesome....well done
01:13, Thursday, 28.03.2013 | Leave comment
Good game up until the bonus chapter! First time of play locked up at ring puzzle by gate. Restarted and got to metal door with hand logo and it locked up every time I use screwdriver. Started to play for third time and now locks up at the same place and also when using glass cutter on aquarium. Based on main game would give 5 stars, now just 1. Well P!55ed off!
02:27, Wednesday, 30.01.2013 | Leave comment
On the bonus game I put the key in the clock it just keeps turnining to different times. not sure what to do?
23:08, Monday, 28.01.2013 | Leave comment
How do I go throw the door with the stars on it
00:08, Tuesday, 05.06.2012 | Leave comment
03:33, Thursday, 09.02.2012 | Leave comment
Great game! wonderfully done!
01:15, Wednesday, 25.01.2012 | Leave comment
They say that this game is one of terror do not think my I couple of mystery and a little scary Nose What do you think?.
22:13, Tuesday, 10.01.2012 | Leave comment
very superrrrrrrrrr................
20:29, Friday, 06.01.2012 | Leave comment
i think it is made for little kids
23:36, Monday, 21.11.2011 | Leave comment
jagal abilowo  
like this
10:27, Thursday, 17.11.2011 | Leave comment
omg its the best geam all play it
02:01, Thursday, 17.11.2011 | Leave comment
amir mohammad  
gooooooooooooooooooooooooood GOOD
22:09, Wednesday, 16.11.2011 | Leave comment
I liked it.Good value for money and most enjoyable.Felt like i was getting 2 games for the price of 1.
17:09, Monday, 14.11.2011 | Leave comment
This game could have been great, but there's too many hidden object scenes, but REALLY TOO MANY of them, and that ruined the fun for me! Please, Alawar, don't put so many HOS in "House Of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets", because it looks really promising. To me, the best game from Alawar is "The Treasures of Mystery Island 3: The Ghost Ship", because I prefer FROGS than HOGS.
18:59, Saturday, 12.11.2011 | Leave comment
i like very very this you plyey with your frind's
18:46, Saturday, 12.11.2011 | Leave comment
10:44, Saturday, 12.11.2011 | Leave comment
i like this game it's the good game my sister and me like should try it out
10:54, Friday, 11.11.2011 | Leave comment
09:51, Friday, 11.11.2011 | Leave comment
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