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The forest wizard wants you to take over his job of protecting the kingdom against an evil witch. To do so, you must learn to create fairies in an enchanted pond, use spells to protect villagers and overcome the forces of darkness in battle!

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The forest wizard wants you to take over his job of protecting the kingdom against an evil witch. He'll begin your training by teaching you how to create fairies in an enchanted pond. Using lilies, fireflies and a dash of the supernatural, you'll create the magical creatures and learn how to use them to protect villagers. The wise old wizard will also school you on the spells and potions you'll need in order to overcome the forces of darkness. Prove you're a worthy opponent of the witch and become the new forest wizard!
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14 reviews by players

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The game was great fun. The fairies were sooooo cute. but there is not one of the best games youda is!
11:54, Friday, 06.01.2012 | Leave comment
The drawing is vary well done, the music is appropriate. Not so difficult I want to give up, but not so easy I want to leave, and most importantly CUTE!
14:33, Saturday, 12.11.2011 | Leave comment
I like those cute fairies. I hate when the houses go on fire.
11:11, Saturday, 20.08.2011 | Leave comment
the game was awesome fun. the fairies were sooooo cute. but it is not one of youda's best games!!
17:36, Wednesday, 06.07.2011 | Leave comment
Please share your opinion about the
11:48, Wednesday, 06.07.2011 | Leave comment
try it..its great
23:41, Sunday, 03.07.2011 | Leave comment
Ok game and i like how they are now making squeals to games, and waiting when they will come up with squeals to Youda Fairy.
15:05, Friday, 13.05.2011 | Leave comment
interestingly entertainin but takes so long to load.
15:35, Tuesday, 19.04.2011 | Leave comment
i never tryed it but it looks fun
00:32, Friday, 08.04.2011 | Leave comment
This is most favourable game of me
00:00, Sunday, 13.03.2011 | Leave comment
its really very good
00:00, Saturday, 26.02.2011 | Leave comment
I like Youda Fary
00:00, Thursday, 10.02.2011 | Leave comment
fish pro  
IT'S good
00:00, Tuesday, 08.02.2011 | Leave comment
00:00, Friday, 28.01.2011 | Leave comment
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