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Perform the following steps to register your game:

1. Open the email you received after purchasing the game and select the text between the lines "---BEGIN GAME KEY---" and "---END GAME KEY---". To select the text: 1) place your mouse cursor at the top left of the text; 2) press and hold your left mouse button; and 3) drag your mouse cursor to the bottom of the text.

2. Right-click on the highlighted game key and then click "Copy".

3. Go to this window and click "REMOVE THE TIME LIMIT" (located above the red arrow):

4. Go to this window:

Click "ENTER YOUR GAME KEY" (located to the left of the red arrow) and then right-click in the box containing the text "Enter the game key we sent you here to remove the time limit."

Your game key will appear in the window.

5. Click "PLAY NOW" (located above the red arrow).

6. Enjoy the full version of your game with no limitations!

If you experience any problems registering one of our games, please let us know via our Customer Support Form. Thank you!

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