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The Star Defender series returns.

Space Hack is a sci-fi Action/RPG title.

Great battles with a huge number of units.

Plan strategy of protection.

Take the path from cornet to general.

The sky is the limit ...

Do you have it in you to save Earth?

Hit the war track now!

Obliterate the extraterrestrial scum!

Vaporize the enemy!

Crush the zombie hordes and become Vegendary!

Defend the towers of Oz!

Defend the Tower at All Costs!

save Earth from fowl invaders!

Check out if you are as tough as you sound?

Build weaponry and annihilate your enemy!

Defend the universe from alien invaders!

Venture into space to annihilate an alien army, wipe out hordes of drooling mutants in a science lab, and take out legions of orcs in medieval battles of iron and will as you release your inner warrior. The guns and bullets are pretend, but the fun is real as you upgrade your equipment, drive a heavy tank or command a submarine!

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