About the company:

Alawar is a major international video games developer and publisher. Our main distribution services are Steam, GOG, EGS, AppStore and Google Play.

In 2015 we opened a new development stream and began developing and publishing midcore projects such as Beholder series, Do Not Feed the Monkeys, They Always Run, Necrosmith, Wall World and more. More than a million Steam users own Alawar games. After PC release, games are ported to Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Alawar is a team made up of talented people. We each have our own interests and passions, but we all share one thing: games mean the world to us.

We believe that the best games are made when a team can come together and focus on a project without getting bogged down in red tape. That's why we promote comfort in the office and simplify our processes. With us, it's simple: dress casual and be friendly. Everyone has a comfortable and well-equipped workspace.

What we value:

— Enthusiasm for games. Games are our passion.
— Working as a team. We respect others' opinions.
— Energy and a drive to get results. We like people who achieve their goals.
— We welcome higher education and experience. But we're more interested in passion and ability!
— Open-mindedness. We're always open to new things.
— Friendliness. We often spend time together and love having fun.
— A sense of humor. It's a mark of intelligence!