A tourist spaceship Albatross is invaded by huge lizards of unknown origin. Another day to be saved by brave Captain Laser and his big Laser Gun.

Game Description:

The narrative turn-based strategy tells the story of the starship Albatross invaded by alien monsters.


Even passengers have to act bravely on the ship invaded by monsters!

You will play eight characters during the game on different levels and see the story from the point of view of each of them.


As you progress through the levels you will learn the story through different mechanics and from different angles. It is impossible to predict what is waiting for you at the next level!


Challenge your friends in a multiplayer mode with randomly assigned roles of Monsters and Heroes.

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Play as 8 characters over 30+ levels, learn the story of Captain Laser, uncover why the monsters are here and find out what the passengers are hiding!

Even when the story ends, the game continues! Try multiplayer mode: turn-based strategy with randomly assigned roles. Play as Monsters and Passengers with your friends!


Developer: Cheerdealers
Publisher: Alawar Premium
Based in: Russia

I'm not a monster: First Contact on Steam

Release date: 20 September, 2019
Platforms: PC
Game Engine: Unity

Web: iamnotamonster.com
Email: info@iamnotamonster.com